Lakka core support

Hello, is there an updated list with ALL supported cores by lakka?


It depends on the target hardware. Take a look here

thank you!

hello again, i was able to setup my Lakka system about 90%, i have problem with Game boy advance roms, looking here " " i only found gpSP core for emulating GBA… but this leave me a little “displeased”, isn’t gpSP a game boy advance emulator for sony PSP? so how’s possible, are you telling me that gba games are executed by an emulator, emulated inside a psp emulator? O_O what’s the correct bios should i use to run gba games? thanks

When you load the core and then you go to menu Information > Core Information you get the information you are looking for the name is gba_bios.bin and the md5sum is a860e8c0b6d573d191e4ec7db1b1e4f6

Apparently the Mednafen Sega Saturn core was removed or is missing from Lakka version 3.0. Can someone confirm this was done intentionally or accidentally and if intentionally why?