Lakka doesn't generate a playlist for FB Alpha

Hi everyone,

Unlike other systems (2600, NES, SNES, Genesis), Lakka seems to do not generate an auto playlist after scanning the FBA roms folder. I’ve been using clrmamepro to rebuild the collection and trying it with different versions of the FBA dat file (, and with both .zip and .7z extensions. Looks like it doesn’t recognize the roms I have because none worked so far.

I was able to start the games manually so nothing wrong with rom files, I guess.

It’s Raspberry Pi 3 with a Lakka 2.0 clean install. Any clues on what I’ve been doing wrong?

arcade romsets(fba, mame) are based on split set romsets and run through “torrentzip” to generate correct crc. download torrentzip from somewhere and after you create your romsets with the correct DAT file for the core you are going to use(must be split rom sets-zip only to match RA rdb), run them through torrentzip.


Bingo! :grin: That was exactly the torrentzip step what I’ve missed. And there’s a tool around that do this automatically by the way. Thanks a lot wertz!

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what’s the tool name? i have downloaded torrentzip too but it does appear to be a dos command

It is but the author of romvault made a gui to work that around. Check his website at RomVault

Speaking of FB Alpha, any plans to update it to There are some nice games that doesn’t work with the actual version that Lakka is running on.