Lakka Dual Shock broken w/ Game remap


To start I have managed to get Dual Shock controller (Retropad w/ Analog) to work but I have to do the following everytime I start up Ape Escape…

Start Ape Escape, Get alert Game Remap File loaded. Game says no Dual Shock controller pulled in, enter lakka context menu, goto controls, see that RetroPad w/ Analog is selected. To Fix:

  1. Change Remap file, pick anything (I generally pick my N64 game remap file)
  2. My remap file doesn’t use the analog option at the top, so change it to Retropad w/ Analog
  3. Restart the emulator
  4. Once past the Dual Shock check in game of Ape Escape, load the Lakka context menu and load my game remap file. and everything works.

Why do I have to this every time? If my Game remap file works, it should get past the in game check…