Lakka Freeze Up On Shutdown

Lakka-OdroidC1.arm-2.2.2.img freeze on shutdown, and random dysfunctions ensue. Sometimes it goes into kernel panic, while other times it takes 5, 10 or even to 15 minutes to shutdown off of an eMMC module. I’m not a software engineer, so perhaps Linux is not a good choice for me, but I was hoping getting Lakka working on my C0 wouldn’t be such an issue. What does that mean? It means that I’m not interested in trying out UART, or SSHing or whatever that is (never dealt with that in Windows). I can maybe try to provide a log file in the future, if Lakka improves it’s quality of life a bit. But this is the best I’m willing to do as an average user, who has a life, but not enough hair to pull out. And with Windows, often people mark unstable builds of software as “unstable,” as to not mislead. Pro tip for ya right there.

Consider this bug reported, and no further loops shall be jumped through on my part. It’s a shame that no one had the spunk to figure out that the Odroid C0 has great potential for DIY handheld consoles, but it’s fine.