Lakka is not scanning gcz files for gamecube

Hello, anyone know why Lakka refuses to index .gcz (GameCube) files to make a playlist? I always have to go to “load content” in order to play my personally ripped GameCube files.

Kind of annoying.

If they don’t match our databases, they’re not going to scan properly, but you can always use the ‘manual’ scan to add them to a playlist anyway.

Ok. I’m thinking this has more to do with the files being compressed. I had similar issues with CSO PSP ROMS. Those worked fine once I reripped them uncompressed. I hate to go back and re-rip my discs, but perhaps I’ll start by re-ripping 2 or 3 and see if they scan, and go from there. I have something like 20 GC discs, and another 15 or so Wii. Oh, well.