Lakka NOOBS tarballs are v.2.0 instead of v2.2



According to the NOOBS version of Lakka should be 2.2.

However, I just installed and it’s much older (v2.0)

Build Date: April 24 2017

Git version: 2a13af5

No ethernet or wifi working (using Pi3B+) which is another sign of older build.

I’m thinking someone updated the os.json but forgot to update the actual tarballs.

I downloaded the tarball and checked the os-release file. VERSION=“2.0” not 2.2

You can see the modified times have been updated for os.json etc, but not the tarballs

Opened a github issue as well:

Thank you,



Can someone please answer this question? I have already given up on Retropie – too hard to get it to do anything and was recently excited to try Lakka, only the Noobs version is ancient and won’t run on my pi 3b+. Thanks in advance.


Second that! Lakka is superior and I would love to have it running duel booted from PINN. Please HELP!


They have now been updated :slight_smile:

Also appears they have fixed their system so they should now stay up-to date.