Lakka on a Raspberry Pi


I am thinking of getting a Raspberry Pi and I know lot of people say to use Retro Pi but I was wondering would Lakka work as well or even better on a Raspberry Pi?


Depends on what you want out of your Pi and which Pi you’re getting. Pi 3 B+ will run up to PSX just fine. N64 is hit or miss depending on whether you overclock or not and the game/emulator combo. Usually, they do have comparison videos showing which emulation package runs the best on similar or exact same hardware, and yes, they have done them against each other.

For me, it comes down to preference and what you want to do with your hardware (in this case, the Raspberry Pi). For a pure video game retro console for power users, go with Lakka. For ease of use, I’d lean towards Batocera or Recalbox. For customization, Retropie. I prefer Lakka for the uniform controller configuration, the fact that it is pure Retroarch, and at the end of the day, the quality of the emulation is just better across the board.


Have not Brought one yet.

I was thinking of getting the Latest One as be the Best.

I found these All Bundled in on Ebay:

Would be Getting Something like this be a Good Idea to get?

Thanks for Info


I have a Pi 3B+ and for whatever reason, the PSX emulation is really slow (using the latest version). It’s not a hardware issue but looking at the configs I can’t see what the issue could be either. I since installed Batocera which runs PSX games great, although I do miss some of the shaders with Lakka.


Using 2.2.1 (and 2.2 for that matter) of Lakka, on a 3B (not plus) I can get a solid 60 FPS on PSX. That’s without any shaders, or the resolution boost, enabled though.


Ah that’s interesting, I tried with and without the resolution boost options and it still ran really slow


Anyone with experience with a Rpi zero w and lakka? I’m having a few issues with some of my games/ emulators, I’m thinking it may be a RAM issue but with little experience with either I could be wrong,

Any arvice would be appreciated,


Lots of complaints on this one. I’ll do some testing on this when I get back home.


So don’t use the latest RetroPi 4.4 Version then?


I am also running Lakka on Rbpi 3 B+, runs great but I cannot get ControlBlock V2 to work. Anyone know of any instructions? I see there is a .cfg file listed for it on the Lakka github: retroarch-joypad-autoconfig/udev/ControlBlockArcadeGamepad.cfg

Any help would be greatly appreciated!