Lakka on Dell Wyse 3040 Micro Thin Client?

Hello I may be receiving a Dell Wyse 3040 Thin Client. It kind of came to my attention at random and I found one for ~$30. I immediately fell in love with the form factor but seeing as it had a proprietary OS I wasn’t gonna mess with it. However a quick search and I noticed it has a Linux certification and I was able to find multiple instances of users installing various flavors of Linux to it with minimal resistance.

The specs are Atom x5-Z8350 2GB LPDDR3 RAM 8GB Flash Storage (expandable via B key M.2 slot)

I’ve been googling the specs and the CPU (and especially the) GPU seems to outperform a Pi 4 I’m wondering if I could repurpose it as a micro console using Lakka. Seeing how it is theoretically > Pi 4 performance I would guess it can run up to PSP/Dreamcast? Maybe even a bit of GC?

I’m also wondering if Lakka is installable at all on it and if performance will just end up being awful.

perf likely won’t be great, since a lot of the low-end optimization that happens these days is ARM-specific, but it’ll probably be pretty decent for $30. I can’t say whether Lakka will run well on it, but if it’s Linux-certified, I can’t really see any reason why it wouldn’t.

I’ve got on old AMD Notebook which isn’t much faster in terms of single-thread performance. Based on that I would guess that you can forget GC, Dreamcast depends on the game.

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