Lakka on Rockchip 3229

Hi everyone, i own a Scishion V88 ( Rockchip 3229 ) it can run retroarch on android that is installed on it, but it is slow on most of snes cores, so i thought about to try install Lakka so that maybe it could run a bit better, Is there a build of Lakka for Rockchip 3229 ? Or at least you guys have plans for develop one ?

We dont have any rk3229 but it is doable

hello do you successful ???

I know this is an old thread, but I would like to share an build that work pretty well on my MXQ 4K PRO 5G (RK3228A). It must work in RK3229 as well. This image was sent to me by the SpikeSP87 user from libreelec forums.

Another options is run armbian and install retroarch from the official ppa.


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Hi! I just tried this link image in my MK809V. It suppose have the Rk3229 but unfortunately didn’t work. Just shows a black screen, an when I rebooted it by unplug, show some information in the screen like the command prompt.

I hope to read if someone had a better result…

Hi @DjRasek1 I’m working in my spare time on rk322x port

if you are interested I’ll share something. It’s based on my unofficial build of libreelec so it’s almost working (considering the power of the soc).

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it would be great. thanks

@ilmich can you please share your lakka 4.0 for 322x project .IMG ?:slight_smile:

Hello, from your github I can compile the version for RK322x using Ubuntu 22.04? Thanx.

Hi, sorry for the delay. Here you can find my latest build

At the moment it’s preferable to install it on the SD card. Maybe I could think of opening an ad-hoc thread. @agnul75 the official build instructions from Lakka also apply to my fork. However Ubuntu, I believe, is the linux distribution for which you can find more information.


I tried your image, truly remarkable work. Everything worked perfectly on two tvboxes with rk3228/3229 The only precaution was to scale the resolution to 640x480 to have a high framerate with all mame2003plus and Fbneo games. With HD or FULLHD resolution it is quite hanged, but that is normal for this SOC. Thank’s for your job.

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Hi, this build comes from my work on libreelec (the build system is identical so it was easy to work with). I say this because I don’t use it often, but I know you can play a lot with the retroarch options for better performance. You can also enable DDR3 scaling (if your box supports it) by changing the devicetree as explained here

I haven’t decided yet whether to make it a project to keep (I might work on lakka 5.x since I have prepared libreelec 11), because it depends a lot on how many people like you find it useful.

Thanks for your feedback Michele

Good afternoon I installed the Lakka image on hk1 mini today. Everything works, translations into various languages ​​are also present. The section for games immediately takes up all the remaining memory on the microSD, this is very convenient (no need to manually expand the partition). I will continue testing your assembly. my gamepads are detected as xbox360.

Hello Brother! Can you post a step-by-step tutorial on how to overclock and increase RAM to run on DDR3? PLS?

Hi @ilmich… I tested your lakka build on my MK809V and it works great… You’re a hero…

I tested a few roms without problems.

I only have to find how to use the whole 256gb sd card because only allows me to use 28mb to install roms and that’s it…

Regards and Thank you again…

Thanks bro! It’s working on my MXQ Pro. But I have a problem, can you give us the steps on how to build the Mupen64 core? or do you have the compiled core (.so)?

Hello, I’m testing your image on a RK322x MXq PRO, I can install the Armbian Linux version on it with the multitool on NAND, it works 100%, I tried your images installing with multitool for NAND and it’s not working, how should I proceed! Maybe you’re doing something wrong! I saw something about rkflashtool, maybe I have to use this tool, could you help me install it on NAND?

Hello friend, thank you for your great contribution, such a great effort, but I wanted to know if there was a kernel that you have to enable the crt AV output, composite video since this version of Lakkaos does not have it, I have another Lakkaos kernel that does. The CRT AV works in case you need my input, but it looks without color

@ilmich do you plan upgrading your rk322x version, since Lakka was updated?

Hi @mauresio , my server statistics and some tutorials created by users for my build that I saw on YouTube convinced me to make it a project to try and carry on.

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