Lakka on Rockchip 3229

Hi everyone, i own a Scishion V88 ( Rockchip 3229 ) it can run retroarch on android that is installed on it, but it is slow on most of snes cores, so i thought about to try install Lakka so that maybe it could run a bit better, Is there a build of Lakka for Rockchip 3229 ? Or at least you guys have plans for develop one ?

We dont have any rk3229 but it is doable

hello do you successful ???

I know this is an old thread, but I would like to share an build that work pretty well on my MXQ 4K PRO 5G (RK3228A). It must work in RK3229 as well. This image was sent to me by the SpikeSP87 user from libreelec forums.

Another options is run armbian and install retroarch from the official ppa.


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Hi! I just tried this link image in my MK809V. It suppose have the Rk3229 but unfortunately didn’t work. Just shows a black screen, an when I rebooted it by unplug, show some information in the screen like the command prompt.

I hope to read if someone had a better result…

Hi @DjRasek1 I’m working in my spare time on rk322x port

if you are interested I’ll share something. It’s based on my unofficial build of libreelec so it’s almost working (considering the power of the soc).

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it would be great. thanks