Lakka on RPI4 w/Vulkan possible now that PI is Vulkan 1.0 approved?

Was wondering, will at some point Lakka on RPI4 support Vulkan now that we just got Vulkan 1.0 conformant approved on the RPI4 ? If so, any ideas on how hard could this be to implement and performance that we could expect (in general, minor/major) ?

Thanks and hope we get a new Lakka version soon.

I believe it’s in mainline Mesa, so depending on which Mesa version gets included in the next release…

Yes it is, but do that means that RA will run Vulkan on RPI4 ?

I don’t know why not :man_shrugging:

We can enable it when mesa3d version 20.3.x is released

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It runs. Just build latest MESA GIT version, install the needed libs, and build RetroArch with Vulkan support. Works flawlessly. Even cores using Vulkan rendering like DuckStation work without a problem.


Wow, I don’t have the skills to build by myself but will be happy to test once we get a nightly build with latest mesa3d… hope we get some extra fps here and there with Vulkan.

@Demetris and now Mesa 20.3.0 is released ! Finally some good news this 2020, right ? lol…

Yes now is possible but let’s wait for mesa next service pack to be on the safe side

Right now, 2.3.0 is the most recent MESA release and it does NOT have the required VK_KHR_Display extension enabled, which allows X-less Vulkan.

For 2.3.1, the VK_KHR_Display extension will be enabled and it will be ready for Lakka.


I am looking forward to Vulkan, I am hyped about the possibility of running a pi 4 8GB at 2100 MHZ + a good aluminum case and PPSSPP or Reicast, man… BlazBlue continuum shift extend or MvC2 would work like a charm

It’s certainly an exciting prospect to get some efficiency improvements thanks to Vulkan support. I see in the Mesa release calendar that rel 20.3.1 is scheduled for 2020-12-16. I know it’s difficult to make statements on this kind of thing in terms of development, but do you guys think this means we could see Vulkan support in 3.0?

I do not know if it will be in 3.0, but I would expect it to be included next year

@Demetris And 20.3.1 is release right on schedule. MESA really sticks to their release dates ! Been following the news on Discord, hope we can see RA in Lakka with Vulkan at some point (no rush of course), can wait to test it…

Will take a while though because there are two sides of the coin.\One side is the implementation and the other side is the test phase of it. We cant rush in this one as much as is hyped. I already tested and there are many many glitches so dont hold your breath yet. I wish there were better news to deliver but we might have to skip this round altogether until vulkan support is mature enough. I dont like running after water in the sand. ofc i can release a sample image for community to test and share ideas and we see from there.

No rush @Demetris, the team is doing all this for free so, when it’s ready, it’s ready. Thanks to all the team for the great work and hope everyone a GREAT 2021 (considering 2020 was so heavy, we can’t seetle with less than GREAT) :smile:

Nice to see Vulkan included in the latest nightlies, great job all. :grinning: