Lakka on S912 Pandora Key 7



First of all, I am happy to use Lakka instead of Pandora key 7 system because of many clone and a mess list :yum:

I would like to know how I can add joystick driver in Lakka in order to be able to play with.

I made a backup of the Pandora system and would like to know where I can find files of the joysticks

I can also share it to the repo of retroarch :blush:

For additional info, the motherboard is a S912 and I run Lakka with SD card

The sticks are plugged on a GPIO pinout

Thanks to the help and keep the good work :blush:


I do not use a pandora, I use a pi, and lakka automatically recognizes everything I have connected to it, some badly identified, but you can always customize the buttons from the menu.

On the other hand, what I would like to know a little more in detail is how you have managed to make lakka work in the pandora. Would you be kind enough to explain it or tell me where you got the necessary information?


Hello Sorry for the late reply I was able to run lakka with hardware analyze The board is the same as s912 khadas vim2 but less memory The usual image work with the dtb.img file The only thing that is not working id’s dual stick connected to a GPIO port. Except this, all working great

Specs are the following Amlogic S912 Cortex A53 octa core (4x1.5ghz and 4x1ghz) Emmc 16gb (read only) 2 usb port (1 for hub USB and 1 seem to work for another function) 1 OTG USB 1gb memory DDR 3 Sd card slot HDMI and VGA Sound card alsa

Hope this is enough detailed and feel free if you have any questions :slight_smile:


Can confirm that the s912 image does indeed boot on this pandora device. I have the portable version (the black box that uses the joystick as a lock to keep it closed) and scratched my head for hours until it occurred to me that to boot from USB you have to hold down the button on the motherboard (right next to the fan) inside while you power it on. Once lakka was set up i was able to plug in a usb gamepad to the top usb port and even get it to play a snes game.

I believe the lower usb port is meant for output of the joystick to the pandora, hence why plugging things into it does nothing, its an outgoing signal.

I found a guide with very broken english describing how to use a usb male to male cable to connect the lower port to the upper port and configure the joystick using ssh. this requires a usb hub, some kind of wifi usb adapter, a male to male usb cable and some patience. I’ve archived the guys link here:

It would be great if some support for the GPIO pins could be added so it would free up that usb port! i’d be willing to help out as much as i can but my development skills are limited. Hope more attention gets drawn to these little boxes, they are rad and duel booting lakka is a major bonus to them.