Lakka OS PC doesnt want install


Hello, i install lakka on an older Samsung Notebook - test try - i liked it but i needed to reinstall Ubuntu for 2 Days. So i want to reinstall Lakka on it, i download the 64 version, using rufus and later etcher to make usb bootable. (Like usual)

USB Device is shown up in Bios, i boot from the USB and the Dialog show up - install or live (you know what i mean)

i hit tab and insert “installer” and hit enter.

And then… nothing. The Installer won`t work. If i do nothing (for live version) also nothing.

Cant understand cause a few weeks ago no problems with the lakka install.

USB Stick is the same like first time - but i test a few. USB Port is the same like first time - but test a few.

Hardware doesnt change ether so the Bios options…

Doesnt know what to do…

*Sorry for my english ^^ tryd my best


Okay, find it on my own… Grub Loader was still on the PC - getting trouble with the USB Live Sticks - installing windows 7 - grub loader is gone and everything works fine.