Lakka + Pi 4 + RetroTink Ultimate + RGB CRT

Will be trying this soon. Anyone else interested to get all these things working together?


Well well well, it works :slight_smile:

The main change I had to make was that a width of 1920 was too narrow. 3520 worked on my CRT (a 32 inch Sony Wega). I suppose the key thing is to use 240 as the height.

The other thing I noticed is that once you add the config.txt lines to boot to CRT, you have to remove (or comment them out) to move back to HDMI. I expected this and it works just fine.

Speaking of the width and height mentioned above, that’s the second change… you have to turn off custom aspect ratio and set it back to core provided.

So that’s one edit to config.txt and one in-menu change, and I can flip between HDMI and CRT. Pretty easy. Would be nice if you could just hot swap them, as it were, but I’m very happy to have gotten to this point.

Actually it seems that on the fly it should be swapped between 1920 for the narrow Mame games, and 3520 for everything else / consoles. Not sure if there’s a way to pre-set this, but it’s a pretty quick and easy tweak should I want to play a Mame ROM.

eyyy, glad you got it going! Got any pics??

Well since we’re stuck indoors, I thought I’d go back to mucking about with this build. Although the above workaround does indeed get Lakka + Pi4 + RetroTink working together on my big Trinitron… my comment above about the screen sizes isn’t quite right now that I look closer at the difference between Mame ROMs and those on other systems.

To explain: What I’m finding is that while Mame games do need to be “narrowed”… no matter what I do, the 240 height is actually TOO DAMN HIGH. So playing Centipede for example, I don’t see the score at the top, and don’t see the bottom with number of lives remaining etc.

Any ideas on where I can turn to get over this hump?

I’m not sure if it’s something I can work around with custom sizes in Lakka. My first attempt at going away from integer sizing to a custom size at around 210px high makes for a less than ideal, fuzzy looking menu. Playing a game, the text for things like titles and score are blocky and not very readable either. I’m not sure the reason why, but I do find that other game elements don’t suffer too much. Pac-Man and the ghosts for example, look how they should, at least at first glance while I was trying this.

Now, could this be something particular to this workaround that gets Lakka + Pi4 + RetroTink Ultimate working together? The original link above involves entering the following, so perhaps it’s something in here.








hdmi_timings=3840 1 109 343 343 224 1 19 3 16 0 0 0 60 0 7292529

Any advice would be most appreciated. I feel like I’m -very- close to a great build on a great CRT, and this is one of the final pieces of the puzzle.

@hunterk Drop me a line if you have any wisdom to share on the above roadblock I’m stuck at.

centipede is a vertical/TATE game, so it’s ~240 wide rather than tall and you’re supposed to turn your display to match.

@hunterk Ahhh, so with some arcade games I’d get a suitable height, and with others I’d get this? I think the only two ROMs I tried were Centipede and Ms. PacMan, and both were too high.

What would the workaround be to play these games, other than turning a 165 pound TV on its side? :slight_smile:

Yes, both of those are vertical. There aren’t any really great option for these other than flipping the TV, IMO. I separate my vertical and horizontal games and periodically flip mine from vertical to horizontal or vice versa and just play the appropriate ones during that time.