Lakka + Raspberry 4, mame 2010 issue


Good evening, I installed lakka on a raspberry 4 with 2 identical controllers (lioncast stick arcade). For most cores everything is going well. However I encounter difficulties with mame 2010. My second controller does not use all its buttons (2 to be exact), which is problematic for games like street fighter alpha 3 because the second player is left with only 4 keys fighting. I do not know how to solve this problem, under FBNeo I do not have this problem at all but the games which run under mame 2010 do not launch under FBNeo. Thank you in advance for your help.

I haven’t used MAME2010 for 2-player stuff, personally, but it sounds like maybe some of the p2 buttons aren’t mapped in the MAME OSD. You should be able to bring it up with TAB key and map them there.

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Hello, thank you for your reply. I have continued my research and I am still lost, but here are a few points: When I try to enter the mame player configurations (2010 version) the game crashes and returns under lakka. I realize that there are only certain games that do not find the 2 buttons on the second controller. To summarize, I can assign any controller inputs to games that require only 4 buttons or less (1941, samurai showdown, metal slug …) but as soon as the game requires 6 buttons (street fighter alpha 3, vampire hunter, marvel super heroes …) then it is impossible to assign two buttons on the second player (nothing appears on the test input).

Just asking the basics first, did you try mapping the controller under the input menu for the 2nd player?

Hello, Thanks for the question. It turns out that the internal menu of mame2010 crashes as soon as I try to enter the controller configurations. This closes the game and sends me back to Lakka. Is there any other way to access these configurations? By editing a file for example? Thank you

Yes, use the input menu in the main Lakka menu Input -> User 2 Binds and set your configuration there.