Lakka + RPi4: 2nd attempt

I’m at it again: trying to set up Lakka on my RPi4. 64GB SD card, clean install.

Problems so far:

  • can’t update Lakka (task failed)
  • Lakka doesn’t seem to remember the WiFi credentials and I need to click the “WiFi” setting at every boot to go online
  • Lakka won’t recognize the external USB drive containing roms, the media folder appears to be empty.


I don’t know which image you are using, but I found this the most compatible:

  • Update doesn’t work, like you identified.
  • WiFi is remembered
  • My 65 GB SanDisk Ultra USB is formatted with NTFS, and reachable from Start Directory (or something like that).

Good luck

Tutorials on Lakka

I’ve found the latest nightlies are working fine for the RPi4 and they now include the Vulkan API and aarch64 too which works for many cores (though not all).

Main thing for the RPi4 nightlies is remembering to have your HDMI connected to port 1 (instead of port 0) and you’ll also need to set the audio to output from HDMI port 1 manually also (you can do this inside of RetroArch audio settings), but it’s pretty good now.

Okay, probably spoke too soon as the latest nightlies since the 5.10 kernel commit have awful performance, but fingers crossed that’ll be resolved shortly.

there seem to be alot of problems around the rpi4 right now. i cant get my touchscreen to work on mine it always outputs to hdmi. i haven’t had any problems with the wifi though could it just be a router and lakka incompatibility?

I’m using Official 3.1 on an RPi4.

I haven’t run into any major problems except the “task failed” for upgrading. However, that finally worked today and I upgraded from 3.0 to 3.1!