Lakka RPi4 + RGB-Pi SCART cable

Hi everyone,

I recently decided to setup a lakka system to play arcade games. I bought a Rpi4 and setup the OS, the emulators and the roms : the experience is great. Then, I read on the lakka FAQ that RGB-Pi hardware was the recommended way to display to a CRT TV. So I bought an RGB-Pi SCART cable.

However I didn’t manage to make it work with Lakka. I managed to make it work with RGB-Pi’s own OS though. I suppose the instructions on the FAQ only apply to raspberry pi 3Bs

I wonder if anyone could point me in the right direction to set it up with Lakka, or if I could be of any help in order to bring support for the cable to the RPi4.

Thanks :slight_smile:

AFAIK, the RGB-Pi OS is required for use with their SCART cable. I’ve read feedback that those folks are particularly quirky about keeping their code closed. Lakka is a good solution, but only if you’re not interested in hacking around – it’s limited there on purpose.

I am getting both the correct RCA cable for Pi 3B+ analog jack (and an HDMI input to RCA converter) to tinker with some capable monitors and an HDTV with RCA – this is to run VICE only for games and development.

I like Pi 4/400 is great for everything else. I have an Orange Pi 5 to watch that develop over the year into something with much more potential.