Lakka triple booting

HI all I’m trying to triple boot windows 10 - lakka - ubuntu as I only have one laptop in the house lol and my son and me love retro games and I would like to keep it simple for him to load up him self, I’m a noob at all this really iv got windows 10 and ubuntu dual booting using grub and I have another parttion of 100gb which I’m hoping to manually installing lakka onto but that’s where im stuck any help would be grateful

I know this doesn’t directly answer your question, but it would be a lot simpler to just have a RetroArch installation inside of one of your existing OSes.

I got quad booting on my mini pc, windows 10, manjaro linux, libreelec and lakka. Have a look at this and see if it helps: -

What I did was download Grub Customizer @ It is a GUI for the grub boot loader. I am sure there are others out there but that is what I used. It’s for Ubuntu so you have to download/install it there. Then load it up, create a new entry, point to the spot you have lakka in (I had to pick the chain loader option as well because mine was on another hard drive, may be different for you. Experiment with the other options just don’t delete/edit the original windows and ubuntu entries and you shouldn’t mess anything up too bad.) and it will put an entry in the menu that first loads up when you start your computer when you have multiple OS’s.

I used this website to help me install/use grub customizer:

I’m sorry I can’t explain with more detail. It was a while ago when I set it all up, my memory is a little foggy but hopefully this is a good starting point for you!


I used minitool partition wizard to create 2 new ext4 partitions on my drive the first was 1 gig in size and labeled “Lakka_System” the second one named “Lakka_Data” you can either make this big enough to store your roms in or load them from a ntfs partition like your windows partition but i would make it at least 1 gig.

then from ubuntu i copied the “KERNEL” and “SYSTEM” files from the lakka live/installer usb partition labeled “LAKKA” to the partition i created on the hard drive labeled “Lakka_System”

and then copied everything from the usb’s “LAKKA_DISK” partition to the partition on the hard drive labeled “Lakka_Data”

then i added this entry to my grub.cfg file

menuentry ‘Lakka’ {

search --set=root --label Lakka_System --hint hd0,msdos5
linux /KERNEL boot=LABEL=Lakka_System disk=LABEL=Lakka_Data quiet
echo Grub is now loading  Lakka


Change the “5” where it says “msdos5” " to the partition number of the partition labeled “Lakka_System”

Ok BadCase so i followed you guide, and grate it works thanks but im not to shore if iv done it right as when im in the grub start up menu and select Lakka to launch the screen go’s blank then back to the grub menu and a new option appears ‘Lakka’ then i have to select that option to launch lakka? is this right?? or have i done something wrong?? thanks again for your help me and my little boy will be very happy :smile:

As long as it is working I think your good, I actually only chainload grub through refind to start lakka and have the cfg set to automatically select it so that may be why i don get the second screen that you have.

Also I am not sure how big you made your Lakka_Data partition but It should be big enough to store game and cover art and stuff like high res textures for n64 games the roms themselves can be loaded from wherever.

HI badcase sorry for the late reply I made my data parttion 100gb thanks again still trying to solve the repeated Grub menu lol