Lakka.TV on old Apple TV 1

Hi guys.

I have an old AppleTV lying around and I experimented with and installed OpenELEC witch worked quite nice. But I don’t really have a need for another mediacenter. During the old ATV days I used a ROM emulation plugin. It actually just started some emulators and loaded the selected roms. It worked quite well but I want something more smooth. I found Lakka and it seems perfect as it is based on OpenELEC. I tried to boot it the way the OpenELEC appletv distro boots but I failed. I’ve documented some of my steps here:

I’m willing to spend more time on this if there are other people interested in this stuff. But I would need some help from you guys, as I’m not very familiar with linux distro building and stuff like this. I think the solution to this is to have an image that looks the same way as the Lakka.TV image (separate KERNEL and SYSTEM images) and compile the kernel with some settings from OpenELEC. Basically and OpenELEC ATV build works with the Lakka SYSTEM image, just KMS is not enabled in the openelec kernel. Maybe that would be sufficient.

OK, if you’re still interested in adding back the Apple TV 1 support, you can join our IRC channel and I will help you. Or we can use this thread if you prefer.

Allow me to take out this topic from the grave. So I got old AppleTV laying around with CrystalHD decoding card and I thought about re-using it as my retro machine. Kivutar mentioned that this could be possible. Can you please tell me how to do it? Doesn’t have to be the newest version :wink:


It would be great to install Lakka on the AppleTV 1. These are cheap and easy to come by. Being able to install Lakka would give them a new life and keep some from landfills. Obviously the Apple TV 1 won’t be able to run some of the later systems but it should easily handle everything 8 and 16-bit.

I’ve got an Apple TV 1 with OSMC installed and would happily test anything necessary to make this happen.