Lakka via composite on Pi4


Hello. Tell me please how boot lakka in raspberry pi 4 via thru analogue output (rca) to crt-tv? I have write in config. txt lines like:



mount -o remount,rw /flash

but only what i’ve got is long black screen, then small lakka logo on the center for a short time, then black screen again. And it repeats… I can see light indicator on my gamepad is ready and i can connect to rsappbery pi thru the terminal from pc, so it indicate that system loaded and only not picture on tv out…

So, what i can to do to get it work?

Since we migrated to mesa driver we have to wait for it to mature enough to support analog out. For the moment it doesnt afaik. Feel welcome to join rpi foundation forums for further support.

ouh, great… Thank you for answer, but you mean it shouldn’t work?

So, if it is…

If this is the case, it should probably be indicated somewhere on the site, probably…

My zero didn’t work until I used the nightly version of lakka for composite out.