Lakka with 8bitdo USB receiver + 8bitdo DIY SNES


I am new to lakka and would like to use the 8bitdo USB receiver with it.

Retroarch recognizes it as a PS3 wireless controller and as soon as it is paired with the 8bitdo DIY SNES controller it starts to mess with directions, the keyboard is also affected with that.

Directions start moving by themselves so impossible to remap anything, the keyboard begins to be unresponsive until the dongle is disconnected.

How can I make it work ?

Best regards

Have you tried any alternate pairing modes?

yes of course, I’ve tried all the pairing modes available on the manual, always the same behaviour it reacts as if Page down key is pressed all the time

I was having this same issue with the raphnet adapter i was using for NES/SNES classic controllers. The fix for me was to disable menu navigation for all users, so that only player 1 can do it. Once that was toggled it worked fine. You’ll find this setting in the Inputs tab.


I have checked yesterday menu navigation for all users is actually already disabled.

The keyboard gets disconnected when the usb receiver is inserted. It comes back when it’s disconnected.

I don’t have this behaviour with other distros so I think something is broken with this particular gamepad.