Lakka x86_64 CRTswitchres/240p output

So I’ve been searching around the forums a lot for info on how to get the x86_64 build of Lakka to work with CRTswitchres on PC, but haven’t found what I’m looking for. I’ve found plenty for RPi, but nothing on getting it working on PC. At the very least, I’d like to get 240p output working, but when i manually change the resolution in the config file, Retroarch doesn’t load(it hangs at the fruit logo). It only works at 640x480 and up. I’m on the latest 2.2.2 build using the VGA out on my mini PC connected to a VGA>S-Video adapter to my CRT TV. Any help is appreciated!

You have to be able to create modelines to get below 640x480. In linux, this is usually done via the xrandr utility, but that requires having an X environment, which Lakka typically doesn’t have. I think there might be some builds (originally intended for use with Nvidia’s proprietary drivers) that allow it.

Ah ok. Do you know where I can find builds like that so I can try it out?

I believe it’s these:

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Thanks. I’ll check these out.

If you’re just using one of those standard VGA-S-Video converters, it’s unlikely that will give you 240p no matter what OS.

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Yes, this is true. Most of them run the VGA signal through an unchangeable NTSC encoder that outputs 480i no matter what you send it.

Aww man… I wasn’t aware of that. Oh well, the video output I’m getting anyway wasn’t bad to begin with. I was more so wanting that “original” look with the scanlines and stuff. The converter I bought does a really good job of keeping the signal nice and clean. Lesson learned I suppose.

Yeah, those encoders definitely look good anyway for what they do, and for 480i content (for example, Tekken 3 on PS1), it should look pretty true to the original. You miss out on the 240p scanlines, of course, but things will still look nice just running through a nice, low-res CRT.

Does anyone know how to setup CRT switchres in Lakka for x86? I couldn’t find much info on it.

the automatic res switching requires an X server, as it’s based on using xrandr, and Lakka doesn’t use X.

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Hi to all, will it be implemented? Is there another way to switch per core desktop/screen resolution? Maybe with a .cfg file per core (snes.cfg)?

It’s been a couple of years and I wonder if this has been updated for the latest Lakka releases. I have an older Intel GMA3000 system that could work well for 240p output. I was wondering if I could send it out via RGBHV, then I’ll use a sync combiner to RGBS, then a convertor to YPbPr for consumer TV.