Laptopt HDMI Output

Hi guys,

I’ve installed Lakka on an old laptop of mine, and it is running perfectly except for the fact that I can’t seem to output video/audio to my TV via the HDMI. Does anybody have any suggestions as to how I can fix this?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Have you tried to change the “monitor index” in video settings?

I have, yes. It’s automatically set to 0, and I’ve changed it by +1 up to 4/5. The laptop screen flashes each time, but nothing is then output via HDMI.

You can add this parameter video=LVDS-1:d to the kernel boot command. I’m using a laptop as a media pc (and lakka of course) and it is always connected to the TV, the above parameter will disconnect to onboard LVDS LCD controller and will only provide output via the HDMI.

Thanks for the suggestion - I’ll try that tomorrow when I get a moment and report back (with hopefully good news).

I’m struggling to access the command line - tab doesn’t work, and I don’t think I enabled SSH on install. I’ll have to have a go again tomorrow.

That parameter worked perfectly duduke, you’re a hero. - it’s now outputting via the hdmi (and weirdly the laptop screen is still working too).

For anyone who is trying to solve the same problem, follow these steps:

  1. Access Lakka via SSH (e.g. via putty)
  2. Username and password are both root
  3. Stop the service using: systemctl stop retroarch
  4. Edit the config file: nano .config/retroarch/retroarch.cfg
  5. Add the parameter at the start of all of the video parameters: video = LVDS-1:d
  6. Start the retroarch service: systemctl start retroarch
  7. Restart the computer Lakka is installed on, and plug in the HDMI.
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Just thought I’d quickly post my experience here and thank the OP and @duduke for the above instructions.

video=LVDS-1:d confirmed working when added directly above all other video setting lines in the config file.

In my case, I added the line and changed monitor index to 2 and am now sending HDMI video from a native 1366 x 768 Toshiba Qosmio F60 to a 1920 x 1080 Samsung 60 inch TV.

Audio took a bit more tinkering but I found references to the aplay -l command and got that sorted also.

Thanks again for the time you took to post your solution @waveofpopularfeeling

Great, I hope that in the future we can make the aplay task integrated to the GUI.


I also have a laptop with hdmi output, that I cannot get to output to my tv in hdmi

I’ve followed the instructions on this thread, and also the ones found here:

Nothing seems to work. I make the changes. Save the changes. Reboot. But when I list the video outputs it still lists LVDS as “connected”

Am I missing something? Help!

@gouchi maybe you can advice him?

@personaaugratin : Is it possible to get Lakka system and graphic card logs ?

Thank you.

I have difficulty to output hdmi via my dell Vostro 3700 with intel integrated graphic card and a nVidia GeForce GT330M video card. It’s totally fine to launch Lakka and play games on the built-in screen, but it seems the video signal cannot be output via hdmi? I plugged in hdmi then tried all settings in video but nothing happened. Could anybody help?

settings > video > monitor index should be what you need to mess with.

I tried all index settings, but still cannot output hdmi signal.

I tried the code

for p in /sys/class/drm//status; do con=${p%/status}; echo -n "${con#/card?-}: "; cat $p; done

then the results read

dp-1: disconnected LVDS-1: connected HDMI-A-1: connected LVDS-2: disconnected HDMI-A-2: disconnected

I also tried different video parameters as

video = LVDS-1


video = HDMI-A-1: connected

but still could work

It should be something like for enabling HDMI

video=dp-1:d video=LVDS-1:d video=LVDS-2:d HDMI-A-2:d HDMI-A-1:e


video=dp-1:d video=LVDS-1:d video=LVDS-2:d HDMI-A-2:e HDMI-A-1:d

Thanks for pointing out. Is there an easy way to try them all? Otherwise I need to stop the server, change the config file, resume the serve, restart the computer for each setting.

e => output forced to on d => output forced to off

oh, thanks for pointing out, I was thinking the other way!!

I know this post is a few years old but I recently stumbled onto Lakka, I have it working but I can’t seem to figure out how to output the video through the HDMI output on the PC I’m using. Following waveofpopularfeeling’s post, I’m able to SSH into the PC and bring up the config file but I have no idea how/where I should be putting the video=LVDS-1:d mentioned in duduke’s post. I’m a noob to programming and I may be overthinking the instructions but, do I add that line in to the beginning of the video parameter lines on the same line or do I add it as a new line above the video parameter lines. Also, do I add it at every instance of video in the code?