Last of the analog shader mysteries

Hi, all.

It’s been a few years since the analog shader packs went away. It seems most of the shaders have been reproduced in recent years via slang.

But one effect I have been unable to reproduce is the one shown at 3:20 in this video:

The flickering ‘CRT Royale NTSC’ effect.

Does anyone know if it possible to get a slang shader to do this?

Thanks for any help :slight_smile:

Any royale-ntsc-composite shader should cover it. The flickering happens when the framerate is out of sync with your monitor’s refresh rate. It’s not supposed to ever be visible.


Already added to ntsc-cgwg-tm (GLSL), it’s called dot crawl. And to A520 (pal) to mimic a real composite PAL.


Thanks. Very interesting. That would explain why I somehow notice that effect for a second or so when I hit the fastforward button in RA. I did grow up in Europe, so that effect may be familiar to me because I’m so used to PAL.

Thank you. How do I load GLSL shaders? Do I need to set a particular video driver? Intriguing.

Go to Settings-drivers and pick gl instead of Vulcan. Save and restart.

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Is there a slang shader that does this? I’m not sure I can get GLSL to work with Vulkan. Thank you all for getting back to me.

I didn’t ported that to slang, mostly for old slow devices that run gl.

Oh really? Is GLSL the better shader type for moderate / powerful devices then?

Always assumed slang was preferable?

Gl is the one for slow devices, slang for more modern.

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