Library Clean Up

Hi, just discovered Lakka, loving it so far. I scanned in a load of ROMS while testing and afterwards I deleted them, rescanned the library but the deleted games still show up in the games list. Is there something I’m missing here or has the ability to clean the library of old games not been implemented yet? Had a search around the forum but could not find an answer to this question so thought I had better ask!.

You need to delete the lpl playlist file(s) before re-scanning. The scanning is an additive procedure, so you have to manually clean up after yourself if you delete/move things.

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The lpl files are accessible (even via samba) in the “playlist” folder.

great. what is suppose to be a console now turned into a keyboard required computer. Cant we have basic functions like this using controler ? its pain in the ass finding keyboard that works and connecting it. besides lakka does not have file browser. it would help if it did have it with basic functions like delete/rename/move/compress

besides i cant do anything to those files in windows OS. they are all linux partitions. Why not use fat32 ? its universal

It is not that difficult, just delete the playlist at the same time as you delete the roms and then rescan.

How did you delete the roms? Did you just remove them from the playlist? If so you have to actually remove the physical roms (same way as you added them) otherwise they will be readded to the playlist when you do a new scan.

It is nearly impossible to do it on my computer. I already said i cant do it in Windows. I need Linux to delete files from EXT3 Partition. A “Refresh” button is ONLY logical answer to this problem.

It is not impossible at all. If you could add ROMS then you can also remove playlists. How did you add the ROMS in the first place? Most people do it via the network share or FTP.

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He could be using an external drive with roms.

I agree a ‘clear playlist’ or similar option would be helpful.


The OP says that they deleted ROMs in the first post. If they can delete ROMs surely they can delete playlists. If the ROMs are on an external drive and for some reason the OP can truly not access Lakka over a network, then they could set their Playlists directory to be on the external drive as well.

I’m agreed that a “delete playlist” option in Settings -> Playlists would be good though.

Can you clarify what you mean by nearly impossible? Have you tried the steps listed in the Lakka documentation?

My desktop computer does not have WIFI to connect to raspberry WIFI so yeah…

Your rpi and your desktop computer do not need to be directly connected to each other. They both must be connected to the same network. I assume your desktop is connected by cable to a router. Can you connect the rpi to the same network as your desktop by cable or wifi?

Or as I mentioned could set your playlists directory to be on the same storage drive as the roms. Then the method you use to delete roms can be used to delete playlists.

I have the same problems and concerns as the original poster. If you use a USB as the source of your ROMS those are easy to delete but the list info is stored on the uSD card. The uSD linux data is not easily accessible from a windows machine. Also like the poster my SBC is limited in connectivity. Wired works but wifi does not. A simple utility to delete or better yet just reset the files would be very helpful.