Lightweight scanline shader that doesn't need integer scale?

Is there any very lightweight scanline shader that doesn’t care for integer scale? Sharp-bilinear-scanlines works very well on integer 1280x720 (convincing on nestopia with blargg’s ntsc, if a little dark) on Intel integrated graphics, but not well on non-integer. Some old computers e.g. C64 have 200 lines vertically and if i turn integer on i have only 3x which leaves 120 lines black, which is about 15% of screen plus the huge borders left and right.
Tried also scanlines-sine-abs, scanlines.glsl, all of them are bad if i turn integer off.

did you try crt-guest ?? you have some fastest version … “light” and very good

plain ol’ scanlines is the best I know of. Easymode based crt-easymode’s scanlines on it for specifically that reason. Lighter lines show the unevenness less, btw.

My current favorite is zfast_crt with 1080p. GPU barely gets warm and the picture is sharp and comfy.

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