Loading roms from USB

Hello. So I flashed Lakka into my pi3 but I have my roms on a separate portable HDD due to the size of my collection. The HDD is a FAT filesystem and directory like:

Roms/Atari 2600/game.a26.

And so forth. The documentation says that Lakka can read roms off a external drive by going to storage/roms then scanning your directory. I scan and nothing shows up. All my roms are no intro and I know my collections are fine because My windows install of RA can make a database no problem.

What am I doing wrong?

I have the same problem, and as an added bonus lakka restarts when I enter my wifi password so I can’t access a network drive.

I’ve found my pi4 lakka has trouble with my proper 5ghz wifi (eg crashes), if your router emits both 2.4 and 5, try the 2.4.

Alternately do you have a keyboard hooked up so you can access the command-line? You can explore the ROMs dir with cd and ls that way. It mounts the drive in there (oddly using the volume name of the drive).

There’s also a file browser in Lakka but I haven’t used it much. You could explore your ROMs dir that way.