Looking up for DOS video filters, any suggestions please guys?

Greetings guys. I’m just looking up for any suggestions that you could ever help me with to use video filters on DOS games.

I would appreciate any suggestion you could ever bring.

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Filters and shaders are actually two different things in Retroarch. The filters wouldn’t be very useful I suppose if you’re trying to keep it semi-realistic for anything DOS though. DOS game can mean anything from monochrome, composite (usually CGA, unless you want try to mimic some kind of TV-out of later cards), and clear RGB of varying resolution. So you can have potentially a lot of variations.

I mean shader presets, most likely. Any suggestion is welcome and appreciated.

Duimon’s pack has a whole folder full of DOS presets. I use the adv-guest-monitor version, but I’m sure you could find one in there you like.