Looking up for suggested Nintendo64 shader/presets

Greetings fellow community. I would appreciate to know from you if there’s any preset/shader(s) you could ever suggest for Nintendo 64. I haven’t managed to find any specific asset for this console or anybody who made a thread about it. I would really appreciate your ideas.

Thanks for any info.

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Basically any crt shader if you like the visual in 3D games. Or else, some anti-aliasing shader to smooth polygon jaggies (FXAA, aa-shader4.0).

There are some shaders that try to filter 2D elements when the game is using a high internal resolution. Later it was figured out that the 2D elements don’t stay in their original (native res) pixel grid, they “slip” through the high res grid and then these shaders are broken.

Unfortunately, the RA shader spec doesn’t offer info about depth, so no shader can take advantage of this to improve visual regarding the 3d objects in a scene.


where could I find this “FXAA, aa-shader4.0” shader or preset? I couldn’t find it through the main folders. Thank you for the info!

I would recommend CyberLab N64 or CyberLab Composite-Pure at 640 x 480 Internal Resolution.

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Looking very promising even though my old computer system. The MBZ_2 folder from yours is actually my best fit for digging out with an old setup. Thank you again bud for your contributions. @Cyber

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It’s inside anti-aliasing folder. You need to tweak the parameters, though.

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N64 resolution (for the vast majority of games) is 240p which is basically the same as SNES/Megadrive give or take 16 lines. At the same time, it was released in 1996 (at least in the UK) and CRT display technology was in rude health.

Long and short of it is that in terms of CRT shaders there’s not much of a difference between N64 and previous gen.

I wouldnt recommend using a ‘480p’ shader for anything that isn’t 480p content (very little). I personally wouldn’t go for straight upscalers either as you’re essentially just replacing one upscaler for another (a CRT shader is just a fancy upscaler tailored to retro games). Also original content is very low ‘quality’ compared to modern ideals but that is totally subjective and far be it for me to say what someone should prefer or not.

Anyway I think you know this already but for the purposes of others the Sony Megatron in the HDR folder will simulate CRTs of the time pretty well but you will need a bright display.

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