LPT port controller support?

Hi Is there any way to enable parallel port controller support in Lakka? They are supported in linux kernel for many years. There should be kernel module called gamecon, but Lakka missed it. https://www.kernel.org/doc/html/v4.12/input/devices/joystick-parport.html Thank you in advance for any opinions.

Please try Lakka 2.1 RC4 (i386 or x86_64) it is enabled as a module.

I’ve got a lpt adapter that I want to use with sega saturn controllers. Any guidance? From what I’ve found I have to use the db9 module and set it up to work with saturn controllers. My adapter is based on the old DirectPad schematics.

This is from the module source: #define DB9_MULTI_STICK 0x01 #define DB9_MULTI2_STICK 0x02 #define DB9_GENESIS_PAD 0x03 #define DB9_GENESIS5_PAD 0x05 #define DB9_GENESIS6_PAD 0x06 #define DB9_SATURN_PAD 0x07 #define DB9_MULTI_0802 0x08 #define DB9_MULTI_0802_2 0x09 #define DB9_CD32_PAD 0x0A #define DB9_SATURN_DPP 0x0B #define DB9_SATURN_DPP_2 0x0C #define DB9_MAX_PAD 0x0D

I want to use DB9_SATURN_DPP_2 (for two controllers)

My lpt port is on lp0

Calling modprobe -v db9 dev=0,12 seems to run. (no error message) but the joy is not mapped at /dev/input/js*

I’m doing something wrong?