LRPS2 crashes after cutscene


I would like to play Dogs Life. I found the following instructions and followed them.

Now when I select my ISO file I can select the game language and see a short cutscene with the Frontier lettering and then RetroArch closes.

Is there anything I can do about it?

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It appears to be a known issue that has been “fixed” upstream but is not fixed in our older fork (it’s a couple of years old at this point):’s_Life

There’s a workaround posted there at the bottom but I don’t know if that option is exposed in the libretro core.

If the problem is already known, I’ll wait and see if it gets fixed soon. How will I find out about a possible fix? Online Updater -> update installed cores? Why isn’t there actually an auto updater that checks at startup whether the installed cores and RetroArch itself are up to date?

There are many reasons not to update automatically, not least of which is that savestates can be invalidated by a core update.

This issue isn’t likely to be fixed unless/until an update/rebase of the LRPS2 core is released, which will be fairly big news, so you’ll probably hear about it.