LRPS2 replacing PCSX2

So I’m seeking some more information on this if anyone has it. The replacement of PCSX2 with LRPS2 as the main PS2 core for Retroarch is pretty big news, but I’m struggling to find anything more on it, other than what looks like a bit of a find-replace in the core details on the site.

While I understand this is early days for it as a core, do we know if it is based on recent PCSX2 code. I’ve switched over to using the standalone XBSX2 on Xbox because of how old the RA core was, but this could change things.


It’s the same core/code, it’s just a rename to avoid confusion with the upstream project. We intend to work more on it but there’s currently nothing to see here.


That’s good news even so. Thanks for the update.


you don’t say… :hugs: … I wonder, what will be the biggest new / CHANGES if any at all?
Is it an brand new project build up from the ground →, and thus counterpart of Pcsx2 :sweat_smile: ?

I mean, “IF” the pcsx2 core/code is used as template so of speak, doesn’t mean the code will NOT change independently… In this case , in wich direction will they go i wonder…

Interesting news indeed… Duck is excited about this :yum:

Quitting without freezing and software renderer (for Primal) is all I need to come back. Vulcan is a bonus. Hopefully it will keep PCSX2s frame-skip, that the standalone doesn’t have, and save file compatibility.

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Yep, they have taken out that feature in later builds of the emulator, wich sucks for super end-users with super low-end desktops hahaha :sweat_smile:

I have a 9th gen I5, that’s not quite low end yet. Frameskip is still useful for Soul Calibur III.

How so ?

Your cpu is more than decent enough for ps2,ps3 emu i’d say.

But wouldn’t you rather play the original Arcade Fighting games (Mame) instead of the ported console version ?

Soul Edge instead of Soul Calipur :point_up::smiley: :ok_hand:

The graphics & sound were so MUCH better from many Arcade games compared to old console ports.

Games like Mortal Kombat series, Killer Instinc series, King Of Fighters, WAR GODS ← who still remembers that one LoL …

Not to mention the fact that ported games usually are the stripped versions !!
Movelist that are cut down , glitches / bugs (in a good way) that are fixed (killer instinct → Cinder, jago :yum:) … And list goes on…

Nah… gimme rather the original deal…

Chortles, TD

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I’m not aware of a working version of SCIII on MAME but with only a few exceptions I usually play the arcade originals over ports unless I have some huge nostalgia for the port.

Some levels of SCIII slow down on my PC even at 1x resolution.