MAME compatibility with Raspberry Pi 2?

I’ve been loving Lakka, but of all the arcade roms I’ve tried I’ve only been able to get one to work. I’ve placed all of the appropriate bios images in my mame roms folder as well, but I just get put back into the settings screen

Does lakka just have poor MAME compatibility on raspberry pi? Or is there something I’m doing wrong? The only setting I’ve changed is forcing audio to be output through HDMI.

Use FBA roms, and place your bios in the same directory as your arcarde roms.


I am using Mame (2003/2010/2015) on a Rpi (under LibreElec). I have mostly success, but a few issues I’m not sure about.

I have had best luck with game running under 2010 & 2003. However, the joystick on my controller does not work under either of those 2. If I use 2015, the joystick works great, but game support on 2015 seems much worse. Most of the games I really wont to use, don’t work. But work on 2010… but on that I can’t play happy as no joystick!! catch 22.

When I add the joystick under Kodi I can navigate around kodi just find with the stick, it’s jjust under Mame emulators it fails…

Anyone point me where to go with this? Would be prefect if the code that makes it work in 2015 was in 2010…

I’ve asked on LibreElec and the say they just build the libreto that push with standard kodi, so the issue is prob there…