Mame extra cores x86_64 (mistake)


Can’t get other MAME (2010/2014/2016) cores running on either the latest x86_64bit Lakka or latest Nightly build (Lakka-Generic.x86_64-2.2-devel-20190313001059-r28257-gd51e47b.img.gz). Giving the location to the .so and .info files downloaded from buildbot. Using the default Mame 2003 works fine, but given that it’s a computer the hardware is able to handle later versions.

However when I try load the other Mame versions it just spits out a “failed to open libretro core” message as the screen only blinks black and goes back to the menu. What else should I be doing?


edit: nvm had the wrong set transferred


Do you have the right ROMs for the cores? They each need different ROMs that match their version.

If you have that covered, post a log and I/we will take a look.