MAME menu disable


I am using Lakka with an arcade/console-style setup (no keyboard). Recently, I must have accidentally changed something because one of the buttons now opens the MAME menu.

How can I disable this? I can’t seem to figure out where it would be configured.

In my build I see that it depends on the MAME versions

pressing the button again will toggle the menu on or off.

2003+ : Left button click (click left Analog stick) 2010: Right button click (click Right Analog stick) 2015: Left Trigger (L2)

It says MAME 2015 in the top left hand corner but I resorted to switching a MAME core on a rom that was in the 2015 playlist and view the controller inputs for the cores. But that one is for 2010

MAME 2015: Does not say it on the input list but it triggers the menu

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Thanks. I think I have it fixed, now.