MAME option "dial reverse"

I’ve built an arduino powered Spinner for Arkanoid - it works well except it requires the “reverse dial” option to allow the Akanoid bat to move in the correct direction.

It doesn’t seem possible to access usual MAME option menu where as you would in MAME standalone to change this option.I had a look at the MAME default.cfg file to attempt to change this option value, but the .cfg doesn’t seem to be readable by text file (every other MAME game.cfg file for each game appears like this too)

Could it be possible that “reverse dial” can be exposed in the core menu options in a future release?


Thanks for the feedback! Can you file in an issue on the corresponding MAME core repository (on GitHub)?

For most (all?) of the MAME cores, you can get into the MAME OSD menu by hitting ‘tab’ and adjust options there.

If you’re going to file an issue, make sure you do it at the libretro github repo and not the upstream MAME repo, as they get salty if libretro issues are reported on their repos.

Maybe I need to update the core - pressing tab reveals an OSD where you can alter dip switches and a few other options, but it doesn’t have full options to change keys, analogue input values where dial reverse is usually found.