Mega Bezel Reflection Shader! - Feedback and Updates

Understood. What I’m asking is if you manually installed the Beetle PSX HW or used the core downloader?

As you can see from my screenshot above, I have no problems.

Most issues can be solved by doing a fresh install and making as few changes to configs as possible.

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I started everything here, then I continued downloading and updating within Retroarch.

I’m thinking of exchanging my Bsnes core for non-HD

My PsOne core gave me a lot of work to configure, I think I will keep it and not use this shader on it, despite wanting a lot, the core works well, even better than the game in its originality. it’s well changed, I have a reasonable machine so I managed to extract a lot of processing from this core.

I think we can assume that the changes (Tweaks) you made are the problem with the shader. If your tweaks are important to you then, of course, don’t use the shader.

It is good to have choices. :wink:

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Yes, we can say that my core is very changed and I can say that the problem is not the shader

I’ve been looking and apparently the source where I learned to install the cores, says to download Bsnes, not Bsnes HD, I don’t know how I ended up installing it here, I’ll try again now with Bsnes normal version

I need this shader working, it brings nostalgic effects :smile:


Yes i have a success


Would this be the most complete shader? I only have a problem because it is darker


You are welcome to use one of my presets if you want something lighter.

It uses DrVenom.


thank you I will test.

I saw here that need a little editing, it’s not a ready-made shader, maybe I can have a difficulty, but I’ll come back here if I succeed.

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I have presets available on my GitHub that are just load & go. The graphics just have to be in the correct folder.

You are all to be congratulated

I used the old copy and paste to edit the new shader this way I won’t have any problems either, right?

Well, I reached the message limit for my first day, now I can’t answer anymore


Cool :slight_smile:

So I would hold a bit before creating a lot of presets until the new shader and retroarch version come out, the new version of retroarch will allow you to have much simpler and more manageable presets, and a lot of the parameter names will change between the old and new versions .

What I mean to say is that make whatever presets you like, but it will get much easier in the new version and you will not have to redo so much stuff after you start using it.


Hi everybody!

I noticed that my background graphics have faded colors, different from what they are after being produced in photoshop.

Image compression often loses quality. The Win10 native image viewer shows more vivid colors. Another software I tested shows the faded image as well.

Does MegaBezel use a plugin to generate the background image? How to improve the colors of the image before displaying it?


Hi, can you post an example? Basically showing the original graphic and the final result with the Mega Bezel?

One thing the Mega Bezel has on by default is a vignette on top of the background image, It looks something like you see in this SNES example. You can turn this off if you like by reducing the opacity parameter for the vignette.


I don’t think he is talking about gradiation, but saturation - i.e. LESS saturation. I would see if you’re using a icc profile in Windows. In Photoshop, you can open your image, goto View, Proof Setup, then either choose “Custom” and then your monitor, or choose “Monitor RGB”, this should give the true colours.


Try to double the resolution of the image. The downscaling usually helps.

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NTSC Adaptive doesn’t work in either “hsm__MEGABEZEL__0__EASYMODE” or “hsm__MEGABEZEL__0__GUEST-DrVENOM”. It shows up in the parameters when I switch out GTU, but turning it on simply has no effect. It seems to work fine in Newpixie, however. Haven’t tried Royale yet.


I’ll check this out tonight, there’s probably something wrong in the preset I’ll need to fix, I put it in a long time ago and I don’t think it’s been tested recently.

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Thank you for the tips @HyperspaceMadness and @John.Merrit

I took the opportunity to review the entire shading of the MegaBezel and in fact had no values for vignette. But the problem was precisely in the Photohops color profile, as suggested. I was working on CMYK instead of sRGB.

What confused me was the fact that Windows’ native photo viewer showed the most vivid colors, just like Photohop’s canvas. So, I believed that the problem was in the MegaBezel.

I installed another viewer (IrfanView) and was able to check the facts. The photoshop image output was correct, but the canvas was in CMYK profile.

The conclusion:

  • No problem with MegaBezel
  • I have to rework the coloring of my graphics!
  • Native Windows 10 photo viewer ignores the RGB profile? :thinking:

To compare, see below the same image opened simultaneously in the native Windows photo viewer and IrfanView:


Advice (tip)

Use the old image viewer, it is possible but you have to manually configure it to appear

I don’t know about the color issue, but it is much faster for everyday use

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I did a quick test here, on my 43 inch TV, using the shader, the space created from the game, resulted in a 27.55 inch screen.

Or 70cm

Would it be possible for me to equal 29 without losing originality?

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Make sure you have a icc monitor profile installed, you can normally get one at your monitor manufacturer’s website. But, like the poster above me, I would use the old viewer, it respects the icc profile.

I use Photoshop CS6, and it opens all images with the default icc, so images look washed out like your images. I always have to remember to select my monitor profile before I do any work.