Duimon - HSM Reflection Shader - Graphics - Feedback and Updates

This thread is to provide a place for announcements and feedback about the graphics I am creating for HyperspaceMadness’ Mega Bezel Reflection Shader.

The shader feedback and announcement page is at:


The following post will be edited to reflect updates to my graphics.


The graphics can be found at my GitHub page.

The structure of the repo’s have changed. Source files are now in their own repo so people who want to download all the graphics at once aren’t forced to download the source.

Currently there are 31 systems represented:

  • Atari 2600
  • Atari Lynx + 1 Alternate
  • DOSBox + 1 Alternate
  • NEC TurboGrafX-16
  • NEC TurboGrafx CD + 1 Alternate
  • NEC PC-8801
  • NEC PC Engine
  • NEC PC Engine CD
  • Nintendo 64
  • Nintendo Famicom
  • Nintendo Game Boy Advance
  • Nintendo Gamecube
  • Nintendo DS
  • Nintendo NES + 1 Alternate
  • Nintendo SNES
  • Nintendo Super Famicom + Euro SNES Alternate
  • Nintendo Wii
  • Philips CD-i (MAME)
  • SEGA 32X + Mega Drive Alternate
  • SEGA CD + Mega Drive Alternate
  • SEGA CD/32X Combo + Mega Drive Alternate
  • SEGA Dreamcast + 1 Alternate
  • SEGA Genesis + Mega Drive Alternate
  • SEGA MarkIII
  • SEGA Master System + 1 Alternate
  • SEGA Saturn
  • SEGA SG-1000 + 1 Alternate
  • Sharp x68000 + 1 Alternate
  • Sinclair ZX Spectrum + 1 Alternate
  • SONY Playstation

I plan to (eventually) include a graphic for every hardware platform emulated by Retroarch cores.

Now and going forward there will also be night versions of the graphics. With the new features in the shader, there will only be custom LED top layer images in the HSM graphics repo for systems that need them, others can use the built-in graphic. The RA night overlays are now in the RA overlay repo.

4K Vertical graphics have been introduced into the development process where they make sense.

For those with less powerful systems, that still want to use the shader, I have created Overlay-Hybrid graphics. A rudimentary guide is in the repo folder README.

I have spent a lot of time preparing the repo and README files. Now it’s time to create some more graphics!

I haven’t committed to any specific order, so if anyone has a request I can move it to the top of my list. :grin:

For those of you new to this project, some screenshots:

As stated on my GitHub page I have a few select goals.

  • All art will be vector based.
  • If raster effects are used at any point they will be 300dpi. This may include text layer imports from Photoshop.
  • High quality is a must! When using existing art as a reference, it will be paired with photographic references in an effort to improve it’s realism and give it a cohesive style.
  • Final raster output of 4K at 300dpi
  • All project files will be provided. Layer structure within the project files will assume that an end user may want to change the bezel size or placement, and attempt to make balancing the artwork easy.
  • Inclusion of logo, night, plain, and 4K vertical versions, where they make sense.

I have gone ahead and created presets for my graphics. They are in a new “Presets” folder in my HSM Graphics repo.

The repo ReadMe contents…

HSM Reflection Shader Graphics Presets

These are graphic presets using mostly the GUEST-DrVENOM preset. (With the exceptions of GBA and PSP which use the LCD-GRID and the n64 which uses the GUEST-DrVENOM__N64)

Until the shader is final I am only doing presets for the “logo” versions of my graphics. I have changed a few default settings, such as, BGImage vignette is turned off, bezel noise is reduced to 10, and I have given most bezels a custom color.

These presets depend on the graphics being in the overlay directory and a bezel subdirectory keeping the repo folder structure. So… the complete path to the images is “\RetroArch\overlays\bezel\Logo”.

Copy the presets into your shader folder. (\RetroArch\shaders)

Load your content and then a preset. I recommend creating a core preset next. If you plan on doing any manual tweaking to the *.slangp you need to make some small change in the shader parameters before you create a core preset. I usually nudge the “[BEZEL & FRAME] Color Value/Brightness” just a bit because such a small change is insignificant.

If you are using a multiple system core, and using it for multiple systems, I recommend creating a content directory preset, and again, making a small parameter change first if you plan on editing the *.slangp.

I will try to keep these updated as the shader is updated.

I hope this makes it easier on some who have had a tough time getting up and running. I also recommend starting with a clean install of RetroArch and following HSMs instructions from the shader thread.


this is going to be fantastic

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It looks awesome, I can’t wait for more overlays !

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I liked the blue mame ones you did behind the perforations, any chance of releasing those? :slight_smile:

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Sad thing that. :frowning_face:

I did my best to do a vector version and somehow the originals got lost in the shuffle. I did a new 4K hybrid, (Exported vector layers and did effects in Photoshop)

You will find them in a new repo I made that will hold misc stuff I have done (Mostly for my HTPC projects and mostly 1080)

new repo = “Misc-Overlays-Borders-Bezels”

I hope they meet your approval. :blush:

I purposefully left them out of the HSM Graphics repo because I have something new and fun in mind for MAME.


well call me entrigued

Here’s a new one…

Nintendo Gamecube! :grin:

I had to make a couple of odd design choices to keep within the mission statement. I hope you like it.


Now for the feedback part.

I am not in love with the other parts of the Gamecube case showing at the top and bottom. ( I thought I would like it, but I’m torn) Please let me know what you think of this version where they are removed.

They add more detail but…


Yeah I think I like it better with them removed.

Perhaps some darkened edge shading on the bottom to mirror the highlight on the top would be good.

image I am getting thousands of these errors at script 2.cmd

also my bezels are flipped horizontally lol :joy:

removed gets my vote for sure, it looks like a mistake in the art.

It is there, but I am using a screen blending mode on the stroke, so it disappears. I have an Idea that may bring it back and make it pop a little.

Thanks for the feedback!

Well. Apparently even though I moved the convert.exe to the batch folder, ImageMagick still needs to be installed on the system. I will update the readme. I should probably update the batch scripts to use the default path in case someone already has IM installed and it is incompatible

That is a problem with the core you are using, try a different core. If you must, I think you could batch flip everything using xnconvert form the xnview software.

edit: scripts, readme, and repo have been updated.

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Nothing could be done about the shading at the bottom, since it was at the very edge it just had the effect of cropping the art by one or two pixels. I agree that the image needed balancing so, even though it makes no sense from a “reality” perspective, I just did some shading and mirrored the top line.

I tend to think “para-metrically” when I design, and I need to remind myself that these aren’t 3D models, they are representations.

Here we are.

As an alternative solution, (One I think I prefer) I have removed the top line.

If I am approaching anything like a “signature style” I think it may be my use of these highlights for beveling. It gives realism but not too much depth. I think enough remain in this graphic to retain my style.

edit: I am committing to the last edit. I think I will leave the other objects in the source project file in case someone wants to have fun with them later. :upside_down_face:

Thanks again for the feedback!


i feel like a real pita lol. none of the imagemagick packs i have installed have a convert.exe :frowning:

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i like the border TV in silver you have in png? wihout image

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I have updated repo, it now includes both the EXE and the needed DLL file. Let me know if it works.

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That is good then. :grin: It is the default bezel generated by the HSM Shader

using simply a 70% brightness color value.

nah still no luck :frowning: even though the .dll is in the folder it says it cant find it. ps, if i press ok on the error it says it cant find another .dll, keeps doing it again after that countless times, so i guess there is more than the one .dll it needs

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