Handheld Border Shaders

I did widen the gaps but the top and bottom is out of screen. There is no way to make the borders smaller? Hope the creator can assist.

I’m having the same issue and I seem to have the same resolution screen as you: 1360x768

The borders are too big for such low res I guess.
For sure it’s not high enough to display the subpixels in that lcd shader correctly anyway.

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Thanks! Probably time to get a more modern high resolution monitor anyway.

This link is broken. Could you please redo the link or is that thread you’re linking to gone forever?

Could have been on the old server.
But I found it again: DMG Shader

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Oh, it’s that one. I’ve been there before. Thank you anyway!

I updated the GB shaders in the SLANG pack with nfp0 fixes.

DMG, pocket and GB high contrast shaders should have square dots now, instead of slightly rounded before.


does it support on nintendo switch? i have downloaded all of your shaders and none of it show’s when i select shaders. weird. stock shaders glslp showed up. but not cgp or slangp. do i need to configure somewhere? please help.

I never used a Switch, but slang is supported with drivers>video = glcore / vulkan /d3d11…

I updated the border packs with modified PNG to fix the strange transparency artefacts that were visible at several scaling sizes.
It’s not perfectly smooth but it gets rid of grey/white lines on consoles screen edges.


Hey folks. The default value for RETRO_PIXEL_SIZE is 0.84. How is this calculated? Wondering if it should be higher at 4K resolution.

2021-03-19: Remade GB-DMG/Pocket/Color shaders to display the complete consoles pictures.
New shader for Watara SuperVision (DMG and high contrast).


Added a new Atari Lynx border shader.


-Downsample Lynx shaders:
That poor console resolution is so low the lcd-grid shader was looking a bit too blurry.
Now using higher internal resolutions for the smaller presets.

-Reworked most shaders size presets:
x2 to x12 for many shaders now, more precise size steps.

(update: higher max scaling, tweaked Lynx a bit, renamed presets)

Thank you for adding 8x shaders. The 6x start to look a little small at 4k.

This pack was one of my first shaders, thank you for keeping it alive!


Hey thank you for your hard work I really love these shaders. I was wondering if there was a way to keep everything but disable the pixel grid? I know it’s a weird request but I’d like to keep the overlay, the color correction etc. just without the grid lines between pixels (or reduce the spacing to 0 I don’t how it works internally).

You can edit the preset in a text editor and replace “lcd-grid-v2.slang” with “stock.slang” or anything you want.

Nice thank you, but this doesn’t seem to work for GB and GB Pocket. I can push the neighbor blending to 1.0 but will that mess up neighboring pixels or is it just the “thickness” of the grid?

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If you have a fairly decent PC you can try the Mega Bezel shader along with my presets. I have graphics and presets for all of the handhelds RA supports.

With the advanced presets you have a lot of choices and control over the Game Boy screen colors, apart from what LCD-GRID provides. (The shader has Dogway’s Grade integrated and you can layer another image over the screen using multiple blending modes.)

The advanced presets for the GBC and GBA allow you to change the color of the console body and all the advanced presets allow you to scale the screen.

For a really clean display, you can change the reference shader to Guest and turn of scanlines. (And masks if desired.)

Shader thread.

My graphics thread.