Handheld Overlays

Hi , I need a Overlay to that console , can you help me and send the archive to download , please , I appreciate it that

This changes the Game Boy overlay for Tatsuya79’s accurate dot matrix preset shader to a clean looking version without the moody illumination.


You forgot one for the “Arduous” core…

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I didn’t know that was a thing until right now. Interesting.

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Amazing! Geat work!:joystick:

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I created an alternative and clean overlay to use with Nintendo Game Boy Games and @Tatsuya79 presets:

To use them, you need Retroarch V1.11, slang shaders and pre-installed Tatsuya presets. Download links at the end of the post:

After downloading the package, unzip it and locate the folder called shaders. Put the shader folder in the root of your Retroarch and everything will be in the right place.

Load a game, go to shaders menu and browse to shaders\shaders_slang\handheld\handheld-border

Load GB-dmg-04x_ALT_Black or GB-dmg-04x_ALT_White presets.

Recommend using X4 or X5 video scale in parâmeters.

Here, Tatsuya79’s Handheld Border Shaders (Download links in first post):

Tatsuya79’s reference Post ( Beware of that and don’t overwrite the old folder with the new on)

My Alternative Gameboy Overlay:

/////////// ///// ///

X4 Video Scale:

X5 Video Scale:

Goodbye !


Hy!!! The image of the game boy looks perfect and identical to the original Game Boy… but can they do it with the Duimon bezel?

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I would really love if @HyperspaceMadness to port this shader to the Mega Bezel. It would be fantastic to be able to combine the ambient lights with the on-screen filter.


It is in the Todo list. (\shaders\shaders_slang\bezel\Mega_Bezel\shaders\ShaderTodo.txt)

HSM has a lot cooking in the Mega Bezel kitchen.


I changed a few of the settings and would mainly just suggest to make the height of the bezel a little shorter.

screen_offset_x = "-2.000000"
border_texture_scale = "1.950000"

You could, of course, make the changes in the image itself, if you want.

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Yes, I didn’t think it could be done directly in the original preset. I tested it and the adjustment works!

This helps to better frame game content on screen.

Also, maybe these overlays wouldn’t look good in the arcade format you’ve been making?

Like this:


Is this a typo, where you meant would and not woudn’t? If so, than I would prefer to do all the handheld arcades in the same style of the border, with all possible variations.

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Yes, maybe a typo. I actually suggested you use your creativity.

In any case, I made the changes from screenshot above and uploaded both versions to the repo.

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Well, It looks like Nintendo won’t be using a dot matrix shader or bezel for their Gameboy games on Switch? Maybe the option isn’t shown in this trailer?


Nintendo cannot use anything that is not theirs, as no one can touch their IPs. Should we sue them?

I stand corrected. According to those who have tried Gameboy games on the Switch, yes there is an option that produces that classic Dot Matrix look.


Could someone make an overlay for the ds themed with super princess peach please? :smile:

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While not perfect, you can get something similar adjusting the color parameters in my Mega Bezel presets.


Ty Duimon seems fine but I’m too bad for these things. Will be patient in case someone makes one.

Oh btw I have a question. I’m seing switch, and wiiu overlays in this thread. So is it possible to use yuzu and cemu on R.A. or am I missing something with still not supported systems?