P3st´s Overlays for Mega Bezel Shader (Arcade,TV´s ,and more)

NEW UPDATE including the BigBox Theme

P3st´s Overlays 1.04

I plan for the next version to make a lot of reorg stuff.

and because of this and the big box theme, this update is Standalone

You can just copy it over my old version or use it on its own.


P3st´s Overlays 1.03(fixed)

DOWNLOAD https://www.mediafire.com/file/xjewx86lpqpkg7d/P3sT.7z/file

(the presets in the base folder are just for config stuff etc. and will not work)

changes: Improved some settings in the TV presets

added “Auto” presets (uses the wildcard feature)

This will change the tv/monitor on its own.

shows the system via channel lcd or monitor batch

adds cropping , lightgun border and various fixes automatic

all of this depends on game name/system/rom folder structure.

added presets for the VIRTUA CRT THEME (same as Auto but keeps the chosen TV style and aspect)



both have also an alternative set of presets without the flicker effect and disabled GTU

no GTU






NEO GEO Wildcard Preset (TEST/Placeholder) FULL TILT

what else is in it :

Contains 56 arcade and 20 Red Tent overlays and an all in one neo geo overlay

(barrier overlay is for mames alternate rendering and higher res1600x1200 , it don´t fit otherwise)

custom tv and monitor overlays

a Wii U gamepad overlay (for WindowsCast Core)

and big thanks goes to @Duimon for letting me use his GameBoy DMG , and GameBoy Color overlays/presets so i can include variatons of them . :slightly_smiling_face:

!!you have to install his preset pack in order for them to work!!

Variatons of his DMG preset (changed a buch around to get the empty frame colors right , gave it a used look adjusted the brightness etc.)

two original and one custom special edition design for the GBC with darker screen settings

wii u overlay

some arcade overlay and zoom variation shots

@Boz1978 made this great Toki Bezel Recreation he did an awesome Job thanks a lot dude :relaxed:

generic overlay has also presets for vertical screens and vector games

each lightgun game will have the sinden border already enabled

Vector settings

my old pack is still here to download and works with the new pack so long till i remade them all

this pack includes 250+ different arcade overlays a bunch is based on the overlays from @Orionsangel big thanks that i could use them :slightly_smiling_face:

my neo geo cabinet overlays in three variations for nearly all games,

lots of Nintendo vs system Redcaps and much more you can see in this thread.

!!!be sure to download this pack first if you wanna use both!!!

  1. INSTALL THE OLD PACK FIRST https://www.mediafire.com/file/moo91haijbb986r/P3sT.7z/file

  2. you dont have to but to avoid confusion delete the TV folder under presets

  3. than copy the new stuff in the PesT folder and overwrite all files

nothing of this would even be here without @HyperspaceMadness Outstanding shader thanks dude and cheers :smiley:


some upcoming stuff


Great stuff!

How do I use these please?

I’ve placed them in the overlays folder in RetroArch and yet there is nothing showing up when I boot up RetroArch and go into overlays.

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load them with the mega bezel shader

basicly you could save a mega bezel preset you want to use under a name in retroarch and edit the slangp file ^^

you have to search for “BackgroundImage” or “BackgroundVertImage” for games with vertical screens and than edit the file path

like this BackgroundImage = “Mega_Bezel_Packs/P3sT/overlays/overlay.png”

this is the folder structure i will use in the future cuz i will also include presets for all in the next update i think like i said at this point there are just the png files ^^

I updatet the overlays ^^ now they also have all presets so they are way easyier to use new screenshots , a list of all the overlays and the Link are in the first post

also i added this Game Boy Kiosk unit

this for the VBA-M core (mgba might work also) cuz otherwise the overlay dosn´t fit correctly ^^


reuploaded cuz i had to fix 3 small errors now its fine :slightly_smiling_face:

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just for fun the video armageddon screen it cuts to much of screen sadly :sweat_smile:

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more nintendo stuff incoming



Sensacional :clap: Poderia fazer uns tipo, Capcom, Konami, Midway… Tipo por desenvolvedoras. Excelente :+1:

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any update on your work?

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not yet but soon ^^ i guess , was busy with other stuff and a playthrough recording thats now on YT

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Hey this one is just a tiny update for a reason. ^^ Each overlays have 2 presets one with slighty noise and humbar settings one without . Let me now how you feel about the humbar settings. I am thinking to do other overlays besides arcade too in the future. Mostly special stuff like the Sharp SF-1 more display units and such, and maybe using this hum settings for them cuz i like it ^^.

anyways https://www.mediafire.com/file/g35vvzrvn05tm7l/Mini_Update.zip/file just copy the “P3sT” inside the “Mega_Bezel_Packs”


The settings are fine. I made a few changes based on personal preference.

barspeed = "100.000000"
barintensity = "0.050000"
addnoised = "0.400000"
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the barspeed is such a thing i like it more when its scrolling a fast , if i set it to slow it reminds me more on , not finetuned channel settings or like you filmed the picture through a non optimized cam :grimacing:

also i remind them different for each crt i had :upside_down_face:

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at the moment i am playing around/testing these Custom TV´s i made out an JC penneys TV with glass layer etc.

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so i added them in the first post as an extra download ^^ i really like the endresult after some editing

both versions have an extra 240p preset for movies,shows etc.

i was trying with your settings and the intensity and noise settings i really like and think i go with that now . also i redone the top glass and changes some settings now i think i have a god balance betwenn the glass and the tube glass layer without being in the way


That glass is just outstanding! :star_struck: