P3st´s Overlays for Mega Bezel Shader (Arcade,TV´s ,and more)

Thanks a lot ^^ i think i coming closer to get an preset that goes well from pixel art up to pre renderd and 3D

anyways here https://www.mediafire.com/file/9gq3ytegusgqwd6/TV%C2%B4s_v2.b.7z/file you can make you on opinion ^^

edit: maybe some have to turn of the 3d curvature on the crt …just in case of any performance problems

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also i would love to run some ps2 games through this but vor any reason my pcsx2 core refuses to do anything , i try to reinstall it now lest see…

I had some problems with it recently… if I recall it was related to the video driver options. I’m sure it could be 100 other things, but maybe look at that.

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i read something like this too , and i already tried every video driver so its must be one of the hundret other things :grin:

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Ok… then I can’t help you. :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck, tho.

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i already at the end of my wisdome all files are reinstallt etc. at least its the only core that not works even gc runs extremly well for me besides i read so often the dolphin core would be crap :laughing:

Still works fine for me. No special settings.

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strange it worked for my aswell just fine …maybe you can send me your retroarch.cfg and the pcsx.cfg and opt file so i can double check my settings oO

You will need to add HSM_ASPECT_RATIO_ORIENTATION = "1.000000" to the file for certain games to display properly.

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done and links replaced …just so i know wich games needed that ? i was testing it with various games and systems and never needed it ^^

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The main ones I can think of is Driver and Tekken 3 on PSX.

did you use PCSX ReARMed ? , couldn´t reproduce this with duckstation …or one of the other thousand settings in retroarch :upside_down_face: anyways its fixed now i think

I am using SwanStation with all default core settings.

:thinking: how about a dos/scummVM variation

Maybe these will be the final settings …changed the brightness and glow a bit

i updatet the tv pack again https://www.mediafire.com/file/k70hdnprudz52sh/TV%C2%B4s_v2.c.7z/file

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The Custom_Monitor overlay file in the pack is in pdn format instead of png that is in the preset file.

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sry …i changed it now :upside_down_face:

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I have done some custom settings for the Custom TV, most are tiny adjustments. I changed the settings to mainly go for a brighter variation.

Here are the settings for anyone interested.

HSM_BZL_COLOR_HUE = "60.000000"
HSM_BZL_COLOR_VALUE = "22.000000"
HSM_BZL_WIDTH = "75.000000"
HSM_BZL_HEIGHT = "55.000000"
HSM_BG_SCALE = "85.500000"
HSM_BG_POS_Y = "0.600000"
HSM_LED_OPACITY = "10.000000"
HSM_DEVICE_SCALE = "85.500000"
HSM_DEVICE_POS_Y = "-0.400000"


i could do a day and night version with this , when this is wanted ^^

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