Mega Bezel Reflection Shader! - Feedback and Updates

Wow plug and play! Consider yourself lucky :smiley:

Anyways I think you made me want to retry again, and now it works fine…

Reinstalled HSM Mega Bezel again from scratch, and actually also removed the Y axis offset automatically added according to the diagonal screen size in the Sinden software settings.

Now using Duimon’s night TV setting preset :smiley:

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@p3st how did get those arcade bezels to work with MBZ?

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You must mean VGA since CGA was not RGB. :grin:

I’m really no expert but I think what you are seeing is just the scanline. If you remove the scanlines a slot mask should give you what you expect.

That’s the comical thing. In my original manual and the copy found online, Tandy says this is a 16 color RGB monitor:

However, I recall in Radio Shack catalog listings and ads from way back in the day, and in present websites nowadays, they often refer to this as a CGA monitor(likely because they are of the Amiga breed and this term seems to be used loosely in that segment of retro PC society), whereas on the PC scene, CGA refers to 4 colors or composite out to a TV that produced more colors through artifacting:

Basically, the monitor connector has 9 pins which was common among CGA monitors of the time, unlike later VGA which used 15 pins. The Tandy 16 color standard straddled EGA and CGA, and competed originally with the PC Jr. upon release, which also had 16 color capability, which was remarkable way back in 1984 when every other PC could only display 4 colors. The Tandy 16 color mode is incompatible with EGA, and special drivers had to be written to output properly.

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True. Tandy used some tricks to squeeze 16 colors out of a 4 color display. Still… not RGB in any way.

You will not be able to reproduce this with any existing shader, a slot mask is as close as you can get AFAIK.

oh the nintendo vs. redcaps ?

they are part of my MBZ preset/overlay pack

there is a bunch more besides those in the pack , and you could look into my pack to see how params and the wildcard stuff works :sweat_smile:

there are three links if you wanna check everything out scroll through and read the first post complete


Awesome, I’ll definitely have a look at that, they look really cool.

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Great to know it’s on the list for a fix, I thought it was a problem on my end.

Thanks again for this fine work, this shader alone has lead me to play more and finish many games I had pending from my childhood :heart:


I’m having this issue with gba shader, any help?

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Looks like your screen is wider than 16x9. At present there are no off screen elements to fill in the space on wider screens. You can turn on the “Mirrored” parameter for the Device layer… or zoom in using “Veiwport Zoom” until the space is filled.

Eventually I will update the handhelds that are cut off but there is no ETA. Probably later than sooner. :frowning_face:

I am having trouble with the default Nintendo Gameboy setup. It seems to be pulling from famicom files instead of gameboy.

res\layers\Nintendo_Game_Boy\bezel.params has the following which doesn’t seem right and may be the cause? // IMAGE PATHS // ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TubeColoredGelImage = “…/…/…/Graphics/SuperGBA/SuperGB_Gel.png” BackgroundImage = “…/…/…/Graphics/Nintendo_Super_Famicom/Super_Famicom.png”


Welcome to the forum!

This may have been better asked over in my thread…

Duimon - HSM Mega Bezel Graphics and Presets - Feedback and Updates

…but I can answer here as well. :grin:

This is not the “default” Gamboy setup. It is an attempt to simulate running Gameboy games on a TV/CRT via the Super Gameboy addon for the SNES/Super Famicam.

The screenshot looks exactly as I intended. :innocent:

The default Gameboy is the preset that has LCD-GRID in the name. (e.g. Gameboy-[STD]-[LCD-GRID])

Although my personal preference is the Gameboy_DMG01-[STD]-[LCD-GRID]-[Night] preset.


Hi all, this may have been covered but I cannot find an answer. On some of the shaders there is a large grey screen bezel, I’ve been through the shader preferences and cannot seem to find the correct preference to remove this. Is removing this bezel/border possible? As I like to create my own overlays and sometimes this grey TV-like bezel interferes with them. Cheers in advance.

Have you read the first post or the

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Thank you so much. This makes sense. However, what do I change the image to if I want it blank and where is this image loaded from? Many thanks

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If you are looking to remove the bezel you can simply use the Screen Only presets.

IMO most overlays have some kind of bezel, so unless you are using a set like The Bezel Project etc, that already have one… you would be better off just changing the bezel height and width, and frame thickness to something more suited to your taste.

Perhaps you could post a sample of an overlay you have created and we could lead you in the right direction.

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Thank you for the advice. Is there anyway I can use the screen only presets but with the reflections? No matter what I alter in the shader preferences under frame or bezel the frame in the standard presets cannot be altered. I’m assuming this is an image file I need to remove? Cheers

You can create your own overlay refer to it in the Background = line.

Then there are many parameters that you can use to customize the look of the frame to suit your preference.

Read the in the GitHub for detailed explanations of each of the parameters.

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The only way that this could be true is if you are using the “Potato” presets. I understand your excitement, and that you are new to the shader, but if you take great care you will achieve what you want.

Take it slow… we have no deadline to meet. :grin:

To be clear. The settings you want are available. (Along with parameters for things you have never dreamed of.)

We just need to spend some time teaching you the ropes. The has a breakdown of the base preset classes. (ADV, STD, Potato, etc.) If you spend some quality time with the info you should be better off.


Thanks all, will continue to research and try some bits and bobs.