Mega Bezel Reflection Shader! - Feedback and Updates

Thanks, glad you like it :smile:

It’s unlikely that the BezelProject has anything to do with it. One thing to check is that you don’t have a per game or content directory presets saved, as these will override the core preset.

What version of Retroarch and which version of the shader are you using?

Can you load the standard guest venom shader then change some settings then save a core preset, then reload retroarch and see if this has been applied correctly?

To test you could increase the curvature a lot, that is an easy one to use to test.

btw, what is the mega bezel preset you use the most?

Which cores? Some cores emulate multiple platforms, I use a content directory preset for those.

I do believe that one of the install options for the bezel project adds a global preset, maybe others. Check your config folder for *.slangp.

i realized i can’t save any of them, not just your shaders. But applied your works with save core overrides in quick menu… sorry for my english…

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btw I’m looking for your amiga cd32 bezels but can’t find the links


These are not my works, they have been created by the talented @TheNamec and are not released yet.

@HyperspaceMadness is the genius (Yes my friend I said “Genius”. :wink:) behind the shader.

I have the pleasure of being given the opportunity to create graphics that use his work.

@TheNamec has created the amazing Commodore stuff, and I am deferring work on mine in deference to his. Eventually I will do an Amiga 4000 tower and he has hinted at a C64 model he would like to see in my collection.

I recommend starting with a clean install of both RA and the shader. If you want to add some “The Bezel Project” stuff I usually create a temporary install of RA to satisfy the installer and manually add them to my RA setup.


In fact, this is the AmigaCD32 mockup from my soon-to-be-released Mega Bezel Commodore Pack!

Amen, my friend! :pray: I’m almost sure you have those precious models buried deep in your retrocollection!

I hope we can release our work asap, the waiting is killing me :exploding_head:

@HyperspaceMadness , first of his name, the Allmighty one, our beloved god of SLANGP and Wizard of perfected CRT! :star_struck:


Aww shucks, you guys are going to make my head get so big it’s going to pop! :exploding_head:

I do admit that I like to make the pixels do my bidding :sweat_smile:


I don’t understand how @HyperspaceMadness doesn’t get more attention for his work. For example articles written about his reflection shaders. This is groundbreaking stuff!


I think that once the shader is final and in the shader repo, the Interwebs will blow up! Plus the new features will garner a lot of attention once artists start using them.


unless you point it out to people, they might not notice it in a video, What I mean is, it looks so natural that it’s almost like it should always have been there. that you don’t notice it’s there or wasn’t there.

Hmm i think i might have confused myself on that one.

Anyway can’t wait for it to go official to start putting it into our vertical cab option. no rush, get it just so.


Yeah that would be great :slight_smile:

I’m currently working on getting the screen to auto-scale to the hold in the background image you give it, this should help with the vertical cab images and distributing simple presets for them. If the image is a static background image with the frame already integrated then you will be able to use one of the reflection only presets which is the fastest version.

I actually have this working and I’m in the middle of updating all the presets to the technical changes I had to make.

Here’s an example:

The base scale and position is controlled by the hole in the image, and then you can offset the scale and position from there.


Is it going to illuminate the arcade controls too? That would be TOO good :drooling_face:


Ah yeah :slight_smile: that’s on my TODO list :wink:

To do this we’ll have to make a black and white ‘lighting mask’ image for where the light should fall on the features of the CP (edges of joysticks, buttons etc) so that the control panel still looks like it has dimension.

I think the effectiveness of the effect will be directly related to how good a lighting mask you would have.


Now that I think of it we should be able to put those details into the reflection mask image which is already in use in this image to modulate the reflection brightness to imitate the bumpy plastic.


@HyperspaceMadness Since mame 2016 is no longer available, what core are you using with your shader?


Hmm, I may still be using an old core ;).

There’s FBNeo which will run a bunch of stuff, maybe @Duimon has assume thoughts on this as he has a more detailed understanding of mame sets.


@Diego @HyperspaceMadness I have a backup of the cores that aren’t currently available. I assume the missing cores will eventually return.


I did a new build of the fbneo and I will put in my mind that it is enough…

EDIT: Unfortunately, the shader is not detecting the orientation coming from the core of the fbneo. Any light on my misfortune?

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Yes I know this flavor of misfortune :wink:

Here’s the answer

Basically you set FBNeo to not auto-rotate, then you rotate in the Mega Bezel


Hmmm… it used to be simpler. I will write a code to auto script it. Thanks!!


I love these bezeles but im wondering if theres a way to remove the curvature effect and the highlight on the screen? Also for GBA, is there any way to change the original color?