Mega Bezel Reflection Shader! - Feedback and Updates

Thanks :smiley:

For the aspect ratio you need to go to Settings/Video/Scaling and choose either 16:9, or as of Retroarch 1.97 you can choose “Full” which will match whatever your screen is, in your case 16:9.


thanks hyper, i notice that when i ran with mame it gave me 0 problem it identify it with instantly but it seems the problem is more with finalburn cores.

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I suspect you are referring to a vertical vs horizontal aspect problem. FB is tricky to get working. There are post on this thread with solutions.

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You sir were right! the solution from @AcidCrash was on point! Thanks for helping out guys!

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yeah its either geting stuck this way or worst.


Congratulations @soqueroeu on your release of Graphics and Presets, they are looking really great!


Thanks My Friend!

I owe you a lot !


Hi there, this is the FBNeo rotation issue which is becoming familiar :sweat_smile:.

Basically FBNeo is trying to rotate the whole viewport which we don’t want it to do. Instead we want FBNeo to output a sideways image then it gets rotated in the Mega Bezel, here’s a post which should point out what to do:


I tried again and in fact this time it worked like a charm.

I guess the issue was that the first time you use a shader preset a lot of stuff gets compiled and I was too anxious and guessed it was stuck :stuck_out_tongue:

Now all presets I tested work and are in fact as awesome as everyone say. Great job.

The 1_ADV, 2_GLASS and 2_STD ones stutter for me. I don’t have a hi spec laptop, so I guess they are too demanding. The 3_BASIC-REFLECT and 4_BASIC work flawlessly.

Now I’d very like to test them with some nice bezel/overlay around them. Is there a package/set you’d recommend that suit well your shaders? I know OrionsAngel are excellent. I don’t know if it’s easy to integrate them with the shaders.

EDIT: I’m interested in arcade games, so what I’m looking for is cabinet artwork, not generic TV or console themed overlays. :slight_smile:


Another little update.

I tried to enable the console log as you specify in the readme file, but it did not work.

I don’t know if it’s peculiar to Linux or not.

I am able to open a log window, though, if I launch Retroarch from the console with option “–verbose”


Hi, Glad they are working for you. :grin:

I’ll assume you are thinking of a horizontal aspect. OrionsAngel’s stuff is excellent, as well as Some of ArsInvictus’ overlays that he did before he switched to doing vertical overlays, I’m not sure if he still has a distribution link for this. ArsInvictus, PapaShine, Thoggo and Briball 4K Vertical Overlays - RetroArch Additions / Overlays - Libretro Forums

But really you can use any graphic and adjust the Mega Bezel to match the scale. One thing which I think works quite well in terms of ease of use to avoid having to reconfigure stuff each overlay for arcade stuff is that you can use an overlay which has the card area and inside of this is cut out like this

Then you just place the screen as you like with the shader parameters and have Background Show over Screen on, so the graphic goes on top of the reflection, I’m pretty sure this will work.

You can also use the Use Image For Placement (Scale & Y Pos) parameter and set the placement image to the same as the background image and the screen will be placed within the transparent area automatically.

The Orionsangel presets in the examples package are set up this way if you want to see what to do.

Let me know how it goes :slight_smile:

Also there were some arcade cabinet works done for some of the different emulators:


Yes, I’m going for horizontal/19:9, and OrionsAngel’s are in facts the perfect bezels for my tastes.

I have beeh away from the scene for a while, so I’m still trying to catch up with the endless stream of improvements. I just read that he’s planning to release a pack of bezels that are already optimized or set up for the MEGA shader.

That would be awesome because the most boring part of all this is, of course, the fine tuning and placement of bezel and shader, game per game, would be endless for arcades.

I’ll try your instructions ASAP, thank you very much.


Yeah definitely take a look at the orionsangel examples in the examples package, they really show the simple application between multiple graphics.

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Excuse me, where can I find this “example package”?


They’re linked in the first post :grin:


Very silly of me asking.

Very kind of you answering.



And, pardon me again, how should the additional example package be installed?

I tried to copy the “Examples” folder in various places, besides or under the existing “Mega_Bezel” folder, but loading an example always fails.


Hmm that’s strange, it’s supposed to be setup so you can put it anywhere, I personally put it in the Mega Bezel /Presets folder.

Can you paste here what the error is in your log?

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This is what I get:

[WARN] [Shaders]:  Could not read shader preset in #reference line: /tmp/.mount_RetroAO1uKPv/usr/bin/shaders/shaders_slang/bezel/Mega_Bezel/Presets/Base_CRT_Presets/MBZ__3__BASIC-REFLECT__GDV.slangp
[ERROR] [Vulkan]: Failed to create preset: "/home/tarrasque/Downloads/RetroArch-Linux-x86_64/RetroArch-Linux-x86_64.AppImage.home/.config/retroarch/shaders/shaders_slang/bezel/HSM_Bezel_Reflection_Examples/Examples/Orionsangel/SuperMetro
[ERROR] [Vulkan]: Failed to create filter chain: "/home/tarrasque/Downloads/RetroArch-Linux-x86_64/RetroArch-Linux-x86_64.AppImage.home/.config/retroarch/shaders/shaders_slang/bezel/HSM_Bezel_Reflection_Examples/Examples/Orionsangel/Supe
rMetroid.slangp". Falling back to stock.
[INFO] [Shaders]:  Finding Parameters in Shader Passes (#pragma parameter)
[INFO] [Shaders]:  Finding Parameters in Shader Passes (#pragma parameter)
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doesn’t seem to match

Although I’m no Linux expert.

Maybe I’ll learn something as you two sort this out. :grin: