Mega Bezel Reflection Shader! - Feedback and Updates

@HyperspaceMadness is the public release using the newest version of Guest?


I laughed when I saw the answer, because when I said I was going to dive a little deeper, that’s what I meant… copy my guest rev2 settings (find the correspondences if some names have changed for example) then enjoy the result… but it’s never that easy in my experience. so no problem here, I don’t see why we can’t take advantage of the guest advanced rev2 shader and the mega bezel real time glasses improvements. there’s code, there’s png’s, then there’s users testing. I hope to be able to achieve this.

I used the post by cyber version which pointed to mask modifications. I had artifacts of dollars or s in the mask, it corrected then I tried and it was fixed. cyber knows about it and followed up on it. if he wants to clarify. on the link of the shader and its date.

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Yup the public release has that latest release that I mentioned


I think what I have ( crt-guest-advanced-2021-08-25-release2 ) is the most updated version of the Guest shader. Some of the parameters have been slightly adjusted and moved to the previous Mega Bezel parameters sections, such as Core Res multiplier and subsampling, maybe think about it?

the copy I use on my ssd is this version

and on his thread I see Anyway, get the latest update of crt-guest-advanced here (2021-09-07- release_1):

three different versions here is already a problem that I must see, after 32bits vs 64bits then try to copy my settings and enjoy… it will not be without adjustment and testing… that’s what is good, when you reach the result after overcoming the difficulties

I said that on the post above but it’s never that easy in my experience. so no problem here

:sweat_smile: :rofl: :joy:

Good things come to those who wait. Also, with the customization efforts that @HyperspaceMadness puts into the crt-guest-advance shader, technically what you’re using may not be as “outdated” as the version number and release date suggests.


shaders = “12” shader0 = "crt-guest-advanced-2021-07-27-

this is what I see inside the guest advanced rev2 preset with the trinitron en4k mask correction.

and those were posted just before your message and i had posted pictures of alladin with the bug crt-guest-advanced-2021-07-10-release1 crt-guest-advanced-2021-09-07-release1 this is what I see inside the guest advanced rev2 preset with the trinitron en4k mask correction.

and those were posted just before your message and i had posted pictures of alladin with the bug crt-guest-advanced-2021-07-10-release1 crt-guest-advanced-2021-09-07-release1

it was here the link you provided it seems

58/122 (September 22, 2021) to avoid reading everything and to locate the conversation

Yes you are right, I didn’t pick up that one, so I need to integrate the changes.

I think the only thing different which would appear in the Mega Bezel is the new bgr mask that guest added, as the mega bezel handles overscan in it’s own way (Through the cropping controls).


I don’t know much about mega bezel functions, it’s new to me, I know it’s going to fall into place one of these days. I’m not used to having a custom ratio focused on the horizontal, I was playing with overscan x overscan y shader functions that some people offer but this is different, there is par / integer scal automatic etc… and hundreds of other things to experiment with, it will take me a little time to master it fully and not have any more problems with scanline mask or bad shader version.

“new bgr mask that guest added” so maybe this is what fixed the mask bug for me on oled wrvb… guess. because I don’t have the detail of the changes between the versions.

thanks for the support


thank you nice update to test

:v: :boom: :+1:

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It’s relatively new to me too. I’ve only been using it for about a month now and it’s literally changed the game for me!

Thanks @HyperspaceMadness, @Duimon, @guest.r and all others who have contributed. I put a nice new shader preset up there for those who like a more authentic look! I was previously enjoying replaying all of my games with my CyberLab Mega Bezel Death To Pixels (Composite - Sharp) Preset, then in walks CyberLab Mega Bezel Death To Pixels (Composite - Pure). That one really tickles the nostalgia sensors and makes me feel like I’m back in 1991 all over again!


I love to see your passion expressed my friend. A week off next week… You will see me asking questions often…because I will be testing everything… I’m falling behind, I’ll catch up. I will test your preset and back in 1991, let’s go! :joy:


Thanks! This is one of the things that keeps a smile on my face and calms my nerves during this most extraordinary period in our history. I’ve been passionate about these things and everything else that I like ever since I came on this earth. Now I’m even more excited about the next version of HSM Mega bezel Reflection Shader and the performance, visual and other technical improvements and bug fixes its supposed to bring!


Oh wow man you are teasing me. Like you my friend passion and sharing. You make me dream. Do you have any changelog of changes to come from bezel? I’m curious about the changes, need to know more about what’s changing at the mask level? Scanline? Bezel? Performance? Etc. Can’t wait to know more. I like things to get better.

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There’s an HSM Mega Bezel Reflection Shader to-do list in this thread. It might be accessible from the first post. Then there’s HSM Mega Bezel Reflection Shader’s GITHUB page where you can find old versions and stuff like that. As for some of the other changes, you might find those changes in the New CRT shader from Guest + CRT Guest Advanced updates thread and you can also check out the first post of @Duimon 's thread which has even more links to other contributors and contributions.

Right now I’m experiencing Retro-Gaming Nirvana. This visual presentation is one part of that and the other part is the latency reduction settings. Better HSM Mega Bezel Reflection Shader performance might allow me to improve my latency settings as well as make all of these great new things accessible to a much wider audience so I’m also excited about that.

Here’s the last to do list I could easily find:

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Sorry I posted in the wrong thread…

I’ve gone back to your posts about performance with more powerful cpu’s than me

Core i5 4690k ( oc 4400mhz) / 24gb ram / rtx2070 armor msi. Bezel advanced in 4k, runahead 2 frames in average, no multithread ( latency, audio sync)

I run everything without problem, psx,ps2, dreamcast,saturn,snes,genesis etc… I don’t know why cyber with a 1070 and more powerful cpu has trouble.

So yes, I optimize my system (42 processes, task manager…max win 10 up to date) Cpu idle 0% 1℅ ( no cortana etc…)

In short no problem in 4k with your bezel advanced…it’s fluid without problem. Thanks, I’m here to see the updates and understand the changelog… Thank you all.


You can delete a post if you made a mistake. That will help to keep the thread clean and organized.

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I will let @HyperspaceMadness chime in on the roadmap. (It is his thread after all. :grin:)

I will say that the caching of the image layers has proven more effective than anyone had hoped. The Standard base preset, in the current private alpha, performs better than the current Basic Reflect base preset.

I can run N64 on my lovely wife’s 1st Gen i7 GTX 750Ti, as smooth as butter.


I wasn’t having trouble. It was @Duimon who had the same GPU as me and a reasonably powerful CPU that couldn’t run in 4K. So we had started investigating but then he got a GPU upgrade so that was the end of that.

Besides that, I had also noticed a significant performance regression between the first version of Mega Bezel that I used and the next 2 with no noticeable improvement in image quality so I had brought that to the attention of @HyperspaceMadness.


All I can say is Wow!

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I try to erase… But you have reached the maximum number of changes… Wait 3 hours or more…

No problem, 750ti has a phenomenal bandwidth for its time…

So I’m glad it’s getting better, so that it’s accessible to the small purse…gpu? It’s expensive…:grin: I will follow with attention all that is said in the changes, scaling different.,I saw that above etc… I’m interested to know what the shader creator wants to do and where he is going. Because if I choose a shader, it is to play my games…

The most versatile possible suits me, even if the performance hits hard, I want beautiful mask well managed in 4k and good scanline mixed, like my sony, once this is achieved? I would be conquered.

I want to stay with gues adv rev2, or more, or crt royale kurozomi ( but no mask update for him) So as I said in another thread, the ideal is a shader for all systems.

I’m not against modifying the same shader to fit ( yes cyber game override shader save core etc)… But to change as I do and nesguy to adapt to the game and not easy to share here in my French community … already they have trouble with retroarch, then if I add such complexity in different system? Beginners will run away for sure…

That’s why I help here, and I help those who want to play their retro games in 2020 on modern tv… Retroarch is simple for me, but apparently it’s not what I see around me… Thanks