Mega Bezel Reflection Shader! - Feedback and Updates

Doing some tests trying to compress multiple images into one:

Not quite there yet :rofl:


Well… at least the frames are good. :grin:

Honestly I think Vulkan adoption will just continue to increase.

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True indeed. In my case I just want the glcore driver added in for Android RetroArch simply so I can use my presets on cores like Yaba Sanshiro even though that core hasn’t been updated since 2019.

I put up a request on github here:

Maybe someone will take up that request and add it in, we’ll see I guess.

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Oh man, my heart is cryin out loud seeing those Commodore jewels so badly rendered.

Fix that, please!

Also, where’s that image, I used to be one of 10 people in the world to be so stupid to buy a CDTV, for the record :slight_smile:


Heh totally, later I did succeed in putting 4 8 bit rgba images into one pass’s 32 bit output and unpack it successfully

This is from some of @TheNamec’s beautiful art, you can find his stuff here:


Another short poll!

What would you like to do with the intro animation?

  • Keep the Intro as is
  • Make the Intro shorter
  • Make the intro just noise/static
  • Turn off the Intro

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Seems fine to keep it. It’s easy enough to turn off if you don’t want it. :slightly_smiling_face:


i use it for super resolutions

What is the the best method of changing the game Moon Patrol from vertical to horizontal?


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Change the aspect orientation to Horizontal.

Can you turn on the resolution debug parameter on(second parameter in the list) and take a snapshot so I can see the resolution the core is outputting?


I think it’s supposed to be 4:3 horizontal, iirc.

edit That’s how I have mine set up.

So just change it to to horizontal and 4:3 in the shader settings.

Actually, scratch that… I just double-checked. Mine is set to auto, which looks correct and is not 4:3.


Sorry for late reply in bed atm, I’ll report back shortly with some debug info. Thanks :+1:

After a bit of googling i found that other people are having similar issues with how this game gets displayed. Someone mentioned that the core output res is nearly square and so presumably that is what causes the problem.

This tally’s up with the debug info:

Thanks for your help everything looks fine now:



I always thought it was a horizontal game, but vertical is what the shader/overlay was making it vertical in Mame current core…

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Great for reference :muscle:

Changing Aspect ratio / type to 5.00 makes it better i think.

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I just changed the aspect orientation to horizontal like HSM said… then all was good :muscle: