Mega Bezel Reflection Shader! - Feedback and Updates

Yes this seems like a good idea, if you have a 240p core then you get good scanlines from the scanline shader, no need for extra scanlines on top

No need to apologize! Your English and grammar are quite good, I would not have guessed that English wasn’t your first language :slight_smile:

I don’t really play much N64, could you give me some good examples of N64 games where the black bars appear and disappear regularly?

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Thank you! I expressed myself badly, N64 games do not behave this way, however, the vast majority of its games have static black bars, the current solution is to configure each game with the option of crop overscan that the shader already has and save one preset per game, but it would be nice to be able to do this automatically with just a trigger. I don’t think this is a priority. If you don’t think it’s worth doing it there’s no problem!

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OK, it’s not something high priority. It seems like something that needs an extra parameter to turn it on and I’m really running out of space, :). So something I might still check out at some point.

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Older mupen cores could read the gliden64.config in the system/mupen plugin folder. There you could configure the overscan for each game so the plugin itself can handle it. All games could be set in this one file.

Now you can’t do that anymore because the gliden64 config is intergrated in the core so you either have to create tons of shader files per game or you can also handle it via the core options i think but you still need tons of core cfgs per game.

That was the biggest regression of the newer N64 core IMO.


Does anyone have just the overlay image to share (the TV border with the texture, without glass effects) from HSM shader? I only found the texture in the shader files, I wanted to try it with a couple shaders I have!

The HSM shader generates the bezel and frame, there is no texture.

If you want something similar I have created standard Retroarch overlays with a bezel that is essentially a clone. I have a thread where you can get more info. The source is provided so you could use any background texture you want.

I know, I’m looking for a overlay like yours, but instead of the console borders I would like the HSM Shader Background, I called it texture because it was in a folder called textures. :sweat_smile:


Edit: I did it @Duimon, with your template, if anyone wants it I could share in this post with @HyperspaceMadness approval.


If the source is something you aren’t able to work with, (Not everyone is an artist) with approval from @HyperspaceMadness, I can put a version in my repo. :upside_down_face:

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Yeah, feel free to put any of the HSM textures in your repo :slight_smile:


I’ve been working on putting some very basic dynamics into the fake scanlines, basically making the scanlines not as strong when it gets bright, which ends up making them look thicker.

Here are some snapshots.


Does anyone have a high level of interest in simulating this type of bezel that @ElectricKeet posted?

It would probably require an extra parameter or 2.


I don’t think anyone will ever say no to more options but if you are continuing to develop more into this awesome shader more bezel’s wouldn’t be my first choice. I am partial to the organic layers the newpixie-crt shader adds to scan-lines and I feel that give more a retro tv vibe than the bezels.

On the other hand I’ll never say no to new options regardless of you what you prefer to add.


Could you post some examples of the newpixie-crt shader ?

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It’s a new shader that popped up into the crt folder. (I guess it’s been there for less than a month and I just updated by slang shaders. Did hunterk make it?)

I’d post screenshot but I don’t think it’s effective as seeing in action because it has rolling crt lines and a monitor accumulation blur. Maybe i had a TV just like it when I was a kid, but it’s one of the best “Old CRT” shaders I’ve used.

I like how it looks on highres content like Dreamcast as well.

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I tested the newpixie-crt shader, it certainly has a very nostalgic retro vibe, something like the old RF signal, I don’t know for sure, here’s a picture as you asked! (The overlay is from your shader @HyperspaceMadness) Sem-t-tulo

I think it would be a nice add to your shader!


Sure thing, I’ll put it on my list, the shader looks nice! CRT-Geom-deluxe is at the top of the list as the next crt shader to implement.


That is one cool retro bezel! I think it would be perfect for using on 8-bit systems.

Are you sure you can spare the parameters?

Speaking of bezels…lol.

BTW. Your WIP shots look amazing!

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Thanks :smile:

Just to let you know, I’m setting up to have the one Gamma for the screen, and one for the background and bezel.

Gamma is so much fun :roll_eyes:


I just wanted to reiterate how much I appreciate the effort you put into maintaining this shader! Thank you. :+1:

BTW, I noticed that you removed the LUT and color management options from the guest shader. I understand that you have your own spin on this idea but I really miss the ability to convert the gamut from Adobe RGB and DCI-P3. I used to use the CRT profiles too.

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Ah, if you like the gamut stuff I can try to squeeze that back in.

When I tested the crt profiles I couldn’t really tell much difference between them…

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