Mega Bezel Reflection Shader! - Feedback and Updates

Where is the curvature option in the mame hlsl???

I used to use this when I was using a discreet graphics card but I find it’s too much for my Vega 8 APU.

  • Distortion Toggle = 1 at top of shader

Than adjust these two settings towards the bottom of the shader.

  • Quadric Dist Amt
  • Cubic Dist Amt
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Is there option for vertical games, like TATE?

Yes, aspect ratio -> orientation -> horizontal, vertical

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So I’m not sure if you are asking for MameHLSL, or the Mega Bezel.

I don’t think Mame HLSL has anything for TATE particularly.

The Mega Bezel has the aspect ratio parameter that @TheNamec mentioned.

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Hey @HyperspaceMadness,

I have a very specific need, I believe. In my graphics combination with the Mega Bezel, I like to increase the frame edges:

[FRAME] Inner Edge Thickness = 10.00 (or more).

This increases the feeling of depth and softens the corners. But I realized that reflected light from the tube reaches that area as well, and maybe it’s not very accurate, mainly in the corners. I tried to reduce the reflections:

[REFLECTION GLOBAL] Global Amount = 016 (or less)

[REFLECTION AMOUNT] Direct Reflection = 90 (or less).

I can only increase or decrease the light intensity, but not the distance from the center to the outside. Is there a way to prevent reflective lights reaching frame edges, without losing everything else?




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So it sounds like you would like a control for to reduce the reflection which shows up on the inner edge of the frame separate from the rest?

There is no way to currently do this, but if you feel it would be useful I can add it to the new version. We could possibly adjust the sharpness of the transition between the main reflection and the outer edge to soften if needed.

Let me know what you think, and definitely share some images of your bezels in action if you feel like it :slight_smile:


I agree. It makes sense that the reflection reaches the inner edge but not that the corner highlights do. (Or they should be diffused.) I never thought about it until I saw your shot.

As an option, I think I like the look of a very wide edge like you show.


Would be great!

Smoothing the transition may even be better than simply turning off the reflections between these two areas.

But I suggest you do tests by turning off the lights too. Thanks a lot!

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Not vertical orientation in Mame_HLSL, which is funny because if and shader should have it, it should be the one named from the arcade emulator.


Here is a preview of some backgrounds where I am still working …


SEGA TV! I love it :grinning:

Very nice job, I like how you incorporated some of the different design on each variation, the Trinitron-like one came out quite nicely too :slight_smile:

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Please, make a thread just for your excellent work!


@hunterk, could you add a TATE option in Mame_HLSL shader like you did in Guest?



Sure, it was surprisingly easy, so I went ahead and put it into a PR. It’s part of a big one that includes adding hyllian and guest’s new/updated shaders, but I’ll get it merged in as soon as I get some testers to verify that I didn’t break any of the new stuff in the integration process.


Hello mate, could be a shader with new variant dr venom 2 hires and other one with mame hlsl please? Big work!!!


Hi are you talking about having guest-dr-venom 2 hires in the Mega Bezel?

If so this will eventually happen, when it is unlikely to get many changes for a while.

As for Mame HLSL, I don’t plan to make a Mega Bezel version for this as it seems like you will be able to do everything it does with Guest Dr Venom 2 (After I add more features to the fake scanlines)


Any chance to make background work as a shader parameter so i can update to the new version without copy all shader text except my backgroundimage? What would be the correct way?

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With the currently released version of retroarch how you are doing it is the only way. In the next version you will be able to have a preset which has only a reference to the original preset and the changed texture path.

Eventually I’m going to add choosing a texture in the UI, but I’m not sure when that will be.