Mega Bezel Reflection Shader! - Feedback and Updates

I am a Nvidia Shield user, and when I use these bezel shaders, the first time I need about 20 seconds to apply it to mame or console rom, but over the same rom, once loaded, second bezel or more dont need so time to apply, about 5 or 8 seconds no more. Is a problem nvidia shield hardware? Playing with this shaders the speed is correct, but only at the beggining. When I load a new rom, I have the same situation: I have to wait about new 20 seconds to start the game.

Sorry for my bad english mates.


If you don’t have a shader do you have a wait for the game to start? Do you get this lag with any other shaders, for example the default Crt-Royale which comes with Retroarch?

I would expect that the time to load the shader should be the same every time, whether it is loading on rom startup, or if it is being loaded again after it has already been loaded once.

When you load a rom there is some time for startup & graphics loading stuff that doesn’t happen when you just load the shader later, perhaps it is that stuff that is taking the extra time.

My best guess is that it is some sort of graphics loading stuff which is independent of the shader but this is really just a guess.


Thanks for reply. With other shaders, I havent got to wait a lot of time, only 1 or 2 seconds, no more. I have retroarch 1.9.0 GIT x32 and I often update all my installed cores. I will try another retroarch version to verify. I will tell my experience later.


Ok, try Royale specifically, it has a longer load time than most shaders, although the mega bezel has the longest load time of all of them since it has so much stuff packed into it.

How does the Mega Bezel Guest Venom run on the shield once it’s loaded, e.g. how many FPS at what resolution?


Street Fighter 2 - FinalBurn Neo

4:3 resolution with Vulkan

60fps in game & 30fps on menu

Mega Bezel Guest Venom shader Time to load: 28 seconds

Mega Bezel Royale shader Time to load: 38 seconds

Crt guest venom 2 shader Time to load: 3 seconds

Load the game without any shader Time to load: 2 seconds

Thanks for help, information and all work!!!

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Yikes! that’s a really long load time! This isn’t a debug version of retroarch correct? The load time in debug is much much slower than release.

Can you test the default Royale, e.g. shaders_slang/crt/crt-royale.slangp ?

Also what is your full screen resolution? If it’s a tablet I think it would just be the tablet resolution.

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The fact that it loads and runs at all on the Nvidia Shield is amazing. :star_struck:

I may have found my late xmas present. :wink: (Only $200 at Best Buy) Though I probably won’t run the Mega Bezel shader on it, it seems it would make my ODROID XU4 look like a toy. :grin:

Is a long load time really that unexpected on this kind of hardware? Given that many users can’t even get the shader to run on an integrated GPU?


Hmm I have one of the original shield handhelds here, I should try it out :slight_smile:


Hello, Just for information

  • I7 860 @ 4ghz
  • 8Go Ram
  • Radeon HD7950
  • SSD
  • Windows 10 x64 up to date
  • Retroarch 1.9
  • HSM Last Update (August 2020)

HSM Load time about 1min / 1.15min

  • I7 2600K @ 4.6Ghz
  • 16Go Ram
  • GTX 1080
  • SSD
  • Windows 10 x64 up to date
  • Retroarch 1.9
  • HSM Last Update (August 2020)

HSM (same settings) Load time about 2/5 seconds

I have others questions but I have to take the time to make myself understood because of my bad English

These times are roughly the same for: Snes9x FBNeo Genesis plus GX

and probably other Emulators I don’t mind, it’s just for information.


I’m using a 1080p TV because no supports 4k. CRT Royale expends about 6 o 8 seconds maybe, no more.

In other hand, i have a iMac 8GB AM, Radeon PRO 570 4GB, SSD with i5 4 cores, and i have to use Metal video driver, and dont run the games properly with HSM Shaders, but apply them all in a 2 or 3 seconds, quickly!

I think that the main problem loading times is the hardware on Nvidia Shield (not tablet). Once loaded HSM Shaders, the game runs perfectly, so I will wait xD.

If I have some time, i will do a video tonight.




I’m curious to know the load time of the Reflection Only DrVenom preset. Some work is being done to enable a new Hybrid preset that is intended to run on less powerful hardware.

Could you do a test please?

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@Duimon Hi mate, its for you!!

In the next video, i try to show you others crt and mega bezel shaders loading times on Nvidia Shield using retroarch.


Thanks for the videos, that is some seriously long load time.

One good piece of news is that with how you are using the mega bezel the new reflect only preset will work for you and the new reflect only preset will probably be faster than the current one, and I think would compile faster.


Thanks for you mate, and thanks for all the work that you are doing to get better immersive experience on emulation, like other people in this web: Hyllian, DrVenom, Duimon with his artworks, bezels… This community is very great!!!


Hey @HyperspaceMadness,

Since the first time I used the Mega Bezel, I realized the first loading of any preset in the Mega Bezel package is always longer. But after that, when I load another MegaBezel preset for the first time, loading is much faster. As if it does some texture caching. But this only happens on the first loading of any presets from package.

I also realized that the hardware interferes with loading. Before it took longer when I didn’t have a dedicated GPU.


It looks like the Reflection Only preset loads in about 20 seconds as opposed to DrVenom at about 36.

Slow but better. :grin:

It is our intention that (Unlike the instructions for the Mega Bezel Shader) that the hybrid presets use a 4X3 video aspect (In RA Video Scaling) since it is covered by an overlay.

I’m wondering if it would help load times as much as it helps performance.

Since you are using The Bezel Project overlays, would you mind testing?


@soqueroeu Yes, its true for me too, you’re right. When I load a Mega Bezel shader for the first time, always expends more time that when I load over the same rom another Mega Bezel shader. The second always load better and quickly. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

@Duimon testing for help you? Of course, no problem. Tell or share me the files and I try to use on my Nvidia Shield. Only at night I have time to test but it would be a pleasure. :+1:

This hybrid shader sounds great: 4x3 video aspect, reflection, low load time… great!

Thanks mates!


You have all the files you need. :grin:

The instructions for the shader tell you to set the RA video aspect to 16x9. Since you are using an overlay, on top of the shader, you can set your aspect (In the RA video settings under “scale”) to 4x3 and see if it helps load times.

We know it improves performance once a game loads, but it would be nice to know this too.

Thank you! :smiley:

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Hi, I’ve got a question. What do I do to fit the image to the bezel here? I tried cropping option in the Royale shader but I lose the reflections.

Also is there a way for me to use the bezels with svideo version of crt royale? The TV option in the royale present doesn;t really do the thing right.

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Hi, the cropping feature you are using is the right thing to use to do this. The problem you are having is because the Royale version of the Mega Bezel doesn’t support the cropping yet. I’m planning to do this at some point.

It isn’t in the Mega Bezel at this point. To do this you would have to edit the preset to add or swap out with the svideo pass.