Megathread: "Which ROMs work with Lakka?"


Thanks for this additional info markwkidd.

After some digging, i have found these scripts that should work on indexing not recognized roms, since my problem is not only with MAME but also when creating playlists that have some SNES custom ROMS… I’ll try this at home.

This bounty you have linked seems interesting, but in my modest opinion, a more “direct” approach would be "folder X -> core X, folder Y -> core Y, scan databases for game metadata, and do not ignore those games without info, creating playlist entry with only the ROM name’. This method is used by 2 other systems and to me, they are “fine” to be used when i configure Rpi3 boxes to my friends :slight_smile:


Thanks for the link to hdbreaker’s script, I have not seen that one and I thought I knew about all the playlist scripts out there!

If you’re using Windows on your main PC, Playlist Buddy has a GUI and a similar featureset.

Thanks also for the flowchart on folder-based scanning. That is pretty intuitive. Would you be interested in adding it to the github issue as a new comment? Or do you mind if I add it as a new comment, in case that turns out to be more viable?


It will be great if you could add this info to the issue, since you have a better view of the entire subject.

I know Lakka has it’s ways to manage playlists, but a more simple approach would make the project more attractive.

I see so much more potential cause i had a better out-of-the box experience than other retrogaming projects with PS3 controllers, resource consumption and retroachievements integration, that having a better playlist management infrastructure will make libretro+lakka my 1st choice.


Definitely, a better way to manage playlists would be great!

Right now the sheer amount of snes roms I have crashes Lakka when I pass it in the XMB.

That needs to be fixed.